Saturday, June 4, 2016

Garden Beauties

                 Happy weekend!

                 I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
      After doing some garden chores I took
       some close up shots in the garden since
it is a calm overcast day.

         The lupins are just starting to bloom and I love 
           that they grow wild here in fields and ditches as
well as Growing in our garden.

These centura or penennial
          bachelors button seed themselves
                   around the garden. The bees love them.

My early peonies from my
Dad's garden are getting
close to
my peonies!

The bleeding hearts are blooming
as well.

    Late tulips and alliums.

                                                                           The rhodo's are just starting
                                                                           as well.

                                                                                 More pretty tulips.
                                                                             This tulip is very
                                                                              unusual ...not sure
                                                                             what it will look like
                                                                             when it opens.
                Alliums also self seed rather freely
and I love them!

                                                Hope you enjoyed some close up
                                                           beauties from our garden. I will be
                                                           back soon with a balcony tea time.

                                                                            Thanks for visiting!



Miss Merry said...

Your garden is so beautiful. I just love the magic of the colors of nature. Your photos really capture how lovely they are.

Donna said...

Just beautiful...your photographs are outstanding...