Friday, June 3, 2016

Another Blast of Spring Color

                  Hello everyone,

                 The garden has already changed since these photos were
                           taken a little more then a week ago but I wanted to share these
                           colorful shots before moving on to the June garden. June is my
               favorite month as everything is so lush,fresh and green.

              I love these double tulips.

                                                                     The Hillside Garden ~ a blast of color!

              A blast of color in New Glasgow.
                  Did you notice the colorful cottage?

                                                        Well, already it is time to deadhead most
                                                                   of these beauties as the season quickly
                                                                   moves forward. I am excited to see the lilacs
                                                                   and crabapple trees starting to put on their  show.
                                                                   Yesterday,I did a few photo shoots so I will be
                                                                    sharing those shortly.

                                                                                         Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Southerncook said...

Your tulips and daffodils are quite simply.....gorgeous. I'm anxious to see your newer pics of your charming garden as it unfolds. At the moment my biggest task is keeping the weeds down. Sometimes they over grow the plant material (not good).

Carolyn/N FL

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful colours of red, yellow and orange, Carolyn. June is a gorgeous month with all the new growth. Enjoy!

Kathy Moreland said...

Love the red and yellow. Gorgeous gardens!!

Linda said...

LOVE it! Very cheery! SMILE.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Donna said...

Simply gorgeous!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh my...... LOVE the pops of red.. the red chair and boots! It is all so stunning! I so enjoy each and every post of yours.. if I'm having a down or gray day, I just jump on over to your blog to get a ray of sunshine in my life, whether an old post or a new one! Thank you so much for sharing with us all the work you do. Marilyn in Oregon