Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Cheer

                   Happy Weekend!

                                    Just a little spring cheer for you on
               this spring weekend.

                                                                             Our tulips are growing well in the
                                                                             garden but it will be awhile before
                                                                             they bloom so in the meantime I
                                                                             am enjoying these locally grown
                                                                             greenhouse tulips from Vanco.
                                                                              These beauties bring me so
                                                                              much pleasure.
                                                                             My transferware does as well.

                         Mauve and white transferware
                    is hard to find around here.

                                                                               A mixed set.

                                                              Are you enjoying tulips in your
                                                                         garden yet......or patiently waiting
                                                                         like me?

                                                                                       Enjoy the rest of your



Szara Sowa said...

Beautiful tulips, and tea cup too. Blessings.

Jann Olson said...

The combination of the tulips and Transferware are lovely. Gorgeous colors! Just boarding a flight to head home to my gardens. Missing them after being gone 2 weeks!!

podso said...

Wonderful shades in those tulips. Ours seemed larger than usual this year, but very few survived the hungry deer. I love that unique shade of your transferware. It too looks like spring.

Lynn Maust said...

No tulips in our can that BE?? Shame on ME!