Monday, April 11, 2016

Singing the Blues

                     Happy Monday!

                             I hope you had a great weekend. We enjoyed a
                                lovely spring day on Saturday and then woke up
                       Sunday morning the a winter wonderland.
                         So today I am singing the blues!
                      I bought those two little bowls last week to
                            plant blue violas in but alas none as blooming
                     here yet so that will have to wait.

                                                                         I have some campanulas blooming
                                                                          indoors for some spring color.
                                                                      I found some iris reticulata blooming
                                                                      in the garden along with some crocus
                                                                      and snowdrops.....always exciting to
                                                                      see color in the garden again.

                                     I took these shots yesterday but Sunday
                                             was a whole different picture as seen below.
                                           So, somewhere under several cm. of snow,
                                                      these babies are blooming away. The good news
                                                         is milder temperatures are returning so the snow
                                  will quickly melt into the ground.
                                  This was the scene here Sunday morning.
                                The pond has melted and we have had a
                                  pair of Canada geese return to nest again.

                                           I spotted these robins enjoying the seedpods
                                              on our sumac.....good to know they have food
                                  even if the ground is covered in snow.

                                                 Hope you have a happy day!



podso said...

Beautiful blues. Maybe this is your last snow and spring will come in full bloom soon.

Sally Wessely said...

Lovely. That last photo is s treasure.

Julie said...

We experienced the same thing in MI. My dafs had opened, but were frozen to the ground. I cut a bouquet and they defrosted nicely!

Garden Fancy said...

Lovely scenes, both the snow and the flowers. But snow this late is usually gone in a few days, sometimes the next day even. Enjoy your springtime and all the beauty it brings. And thanks for sharing with us! -Beth

sarah said...

Its all so very lovely.

Dianet said...

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Akissfromthepast said...

Cool pics!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

The bowls are a such a pretty pattern. That Iris is a beautiful color. We keep getting snow but this week promises to be much better. We're going to warm up to the 60's by this coming weekend so all this snow will be melting through the week. I had seen some crocus starting to bloom and then everything got covered up. Hoping this is the end of the snow season! Your new bowls will be adorable with violas in them!

Madelief said...

Love your 'blues'. Hope the winter weather will make room for sunshine soon!

Madelief x

One Shabby Old House said...

Hello my friend, I was thinking of you today as I worked in my little garden and around the flowerbeds. It's spring clean up here and we have had such beautiful weather but it seems to be warming up quickly as we so often do. Spring is in and out too quick for my liking. I wonder if your blue violas are the same as our purple violets that come early spring. A friend took me to her mother's house to visit and her mother was thinning them out of her flower bed and gave me some. They are now popping up in the yard but I love them so. I would pick small bunches for my Granny with spring beauties and blue bells. Those are my Indiana springtime memories as a child. I hope you have seen an end to the snow. I'm sure you are too. Wishing you sunny delightful days ahead.