Friday, September 11, 2015

Garden Vignettes

 Happy Friday!

      When I was coming in from the garden
   a couple of nights ago I looked back
and saw the sun setting behind the
cottage and wanted to capture the
    evening light in this garden vignette,

                                                            So, I had to snap a few more quick shots
                                                            but I am noticing the evenings are getting
                                                                   Lots of hydrangeas and phlox
                                                                   blooming now.
                                                                  A basket of flowers I planted
                                                                  up in the spring has done reasonably
                                                                 well with not a lot of is on
                                                                 the north side so it doesn't dry out as
                                                                        As I was removing some plant
                                                                        tops that were dying back I had
                                                                        a hole to fill so this chair got moved
                                                                        in to add a little color.
                                                                      The arbor to the front door.
                                                                                 Golden Glow and phlox
                                                                                 leaning over the old picket

                                                              I took this shot a couple of
                                                             weeks ago so the clematis is
                                                             not as prolific right now.This
                                                             little garden room is tucked in
                                                             at the south of the Gardener's Cottage.

                                                                          Another nook with a table for tea
                                                                          or lunch.

                               Take a peek into Martha's Garden
before you go.

                         As usual, I never seem to get all
                                   around the garden ....maybe next time.

                                  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Hélène Flont , french painter said...


jankasgarten said...

Very very beautiful. Have a nice weekend.
Hugs ... Dorothea :-)

Sandi said...

So much bliss!

Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

podso said...

Lovely views! You have a wonderful way with your camera.

Susan Löckle said...

Liebe Carolyn!
Ich liebe jeden deiner Posts! Die Fülle an Blüten und Farben, so kann es kein Maler malen....gigantisch schön! Alles Liebe von Susan

Joy H said...

Oh my your garden is breathtaking! Love how you decorated it.

Susan said...

Hello Carolyn. I love the turquoise on the arbor and all the very precious flowers. Like you, I am lamenting the slow dying of summer. Part of life, I guess, but your gardens make it better. susan

dizzyizzy said...

So very lovely, as always. Thank you for sharing.

WendyBee said...

I love your arbor-style garden gate. I keep thinking of where it would look right in my yard. And it seems so natural to put a turquoise chair in your garden when you do it. I would never have thought of it. You inspire me with your creativity.
And yes the evenings are getting shorter. Sigh.... that is the downside of living at the eastern end of a time zone. I remember living in Ohio, so very far away from my mother in Western Maine. We'd be talking on the phone, and I'd say how gorgeous the sunset was as we talked, and she'd say that it had been dark for an hour and a half!

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an angel at my table said...

Always a pleasure to have a walk trough your gorgeous garden! I hope that mine someday will look a little bit like yours! You are a true garden star. I always get garden envy when I look at your pictures ( is that bad???).
All the best from Sweden

Denise Bruce Of Ingleside said...

so beautiful, Carolyn. I love the little nooks and crannys everywhere. With the kids moving out and Rilla in school now II've been busy cleaning and ready to paint. my gardens need me so much...but soon I'll get out to play :)
Have a beautiful day <3