Monday, August 24, 2015

Touring The Island

                                                                         Hello everyone,

                                                    Last week my husband and I took a mini
                                                   vacation and went to the western end of
                                                   the Island......beautiful Prince Edward Island.
                                                       We drove by the Bideford Parsonage Museum
                                                   that my friend Mildie and I had enjoyed a
                                                  tour of a few weeks ago.
                                                   Check out this beautiful video with Shelley Campbell
                                                   curator of the museum.....A Tale of Two Islands.

                                                             This is the room that our beloved author
                                                             L.M. Montgomery slept in for the year
                                                             she had her first teaching position in
                                                             Bideford school.
                                                              I highly recommend that you take the tour
                                                             if you are in the area as it was very

                                                            We spent the night at the Northport Pier Inn
                                                            where every room has a beautiful water view
                                                            balcony or patio.
                                                                          The Northport marina is right next to the Inn


                                      Sitting on the dock of the bay....

                                                                   Beautiful home overlooking the Mill River.

                                                   A beautiful sunrise in Northport.
                                                              The sunrise from our balcony.

        Sunset in Northport and area.

On the drive home we came
by Indian River Church.

This reminds me the 
The Boat Shop Restaurant by the Inn
was also very check it
out too if you go take the North
Cape Drive to Northport.

Hope you will take a few minutes

Thank you for visiting,



Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Lovely tour, Carolyn. We went as far as Mill River before turning back to go along to West Point. The Bideford Parsonage Museum is beautiful; love the gingerbread trim. I am rather smitten with yellow houses anyway. Glad you enjoyed your mini vacation.


Betty said...

What a beautiful tour that you took us on. One day I would love to visit some of those places.

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Beautiful tour and lovely photographs Carolyn. Thank you for sharing!

Pamela Gordon said...

It looks so beautiful there Carolyn and I don't believe we've been to those places before. The parsonage is so beautiful with it's gingerbread trim and the hotel looks wonderful with the seaside views. Thanks for the lovely tour.

Linda Jennings said...

Lovely! PEI is on my bucket list. Now, I'm thinking I should push it up toward the top of the list!

Jo said...

So beautiful, Carolyn, you've made my day with those wonderful sunsets!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

I loved the tour Carolyn. What a gorgeous place to live in. So peaceful and plenty of natural beauty.



Janneke said...

I enjoyed the tour on your beautiful island very much Carolyn. Thank you!

Sandi said...

Ah, bliss!