Saturday, August 22, 2015

Linens & Lace Garden Party Tea

                                                                           Happy Weekend!

                                               As many of you know I hosted a Linens & Lace
                                                Garden Party Tea in early August and it was a
                                               lovely day so I thought you might like to see
                                              some of the photos.

                                                                        We had a morning and an afternoon
                                                                         seating on the screened porch.
                                                                         The theme was Linens and Lace
                                                                         so I enjoyed using some of my
                                                                        prettiest linens and lace.

                                                                        Bouquets were picked from the garden.
                                                                           Lace & Linen on display

                                                              My friend Janice giving a once over.
                                                                        Blue and white china and linens.

 My grand niece Hailey was my
enthusiastic greeter for the day
and she enjoyed every minute!
I was honored to have four
guests come from out of province
and Cynthia is a fellow blogger.
You can check out her post on
the tea here......I enjoyed
seeing the garden etc. through
someone else's eyes.
Thank you Cynthia for allowing
           me to use this photo and for the great post.

                                                                   I love having these lovely tea
                                                                   friends come every year.
                                                           Since linens and lace was the theme
                                                            we dressed for it.


                                                                        Checking out the garden.

                                                                      More lovely tea friends.

     Enjoying a chat after tea.


Thank you Janice and Heather for your help
and thank you all who attended my
Linens and Lace Tea.

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage
for Tea Time Tuesday.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!



Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh my, Carolyn, this is just lovely! Love the beautiful frocks and hats! Everything looks splendid and what a joy to have tea with good friends in such amazing surroundings. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend.


Garden Fancy said...

How beautiful you've made everything! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful event with us! -Beth

sarah said...

So lovely! I wish we had such things here. Or that I could fly over to attend one of your beautiful events.

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Gorgeous! So glad you had nice weather for it. Love how you dressed the part which adds to the total ambience. Your gardens make the perfect backdrop to the tea party...or is it the other way around? :) I'm off to check out Cynthia's post now.

Magda BarwyOgrodu said...

Oh, It's so nice. I think you have a lot of helpful force from such fantastic group of women.

Meg og mine! said...


Inger G.

Linda said...

Glorious Day, Carolyn!
Everyone looks so lovely. I adore the hats. Oh, that hat with the big bow! LOVE! I wish I could have joined you. You three girls in white would make a gorgeous painting...Hint, hint, artist friend! Haha I'm sure your visitors were greatly charmed by your sweet Hailey. I can feel her sweet enthusiasm through your post! When I arrange for volunteers for Pink Days In Bloom's "The Little Christmas Fair" every year, I think the young volunteers have the best time greeting people at the door and handing out the programs! Lol They make it such fun and just bring so much joyful energy. One of these days, Midge and I will get to see you and Andrew again. Something to look forward to...Hugs to all. BTW, I popped by to say, "Hi" to Cynthia. I really enJOYed see her pics, too! XO
Wishing you a peaceful Sunday,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Diana said...

This is like the most bright beautiful wonderland :)) I would like to live there.

Ann Williams said...

Hi Carolyn

I am green with envy. How I would have loved attending your lovely tea. Everything was perfect and everyone looked so lovely in their linens and laces. The tables, gardens everything was wonderful. maybe someday I will make it up for one your your teas.



Olá Carolyn, com certeza foi um ótimo dia. Como sempre fico encantada com a decoração e o carinho com que você recebe seus convidados. Decoração e porcelanas especiais para um dia especial.

Parabéns pelo evento.

Uma boa semana.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Garden Tea Party with us at Tea Time. We have been having quite the summer, haven't we? Who knew we would be getting this hot humid weather so late in August? Kind of makes up for the cool start. Enjoy this lovely day!


Kasia Piekarz said...

Fantastyczne spotkanie Carolyn:))) Pięknie wyglądałyście w tej bajecznej scenerii:))
Ślę uściski!!

Margie said...

What a gorgeous tea party!

Simply Shelley said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely tea party. I am in awe. Thank you for sharing ♡

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful tea party ! Everything is just beautiful! I really love the dresses!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

What an amazing garden Carolyn. I would be just fine sitting outdoors admiring all the gorgeous flowers.

Your home is simply magnificent. It is a dream of a place. You have filled your home with everything that speaks to your heart. It is a little piece of heaven sweet Carolyn.

Your tea party is truly everything that romance and loveliness should be.