Friday, August 28, 2015

Random Beauty

         Hello everyone,

     It is a beautiful sunny day here
  and it looks promising for the
      Today, I have some random shots
that I took recently and I hope
you will enjoy them.
                                                                      This antique sugar bowl was
                                                                      a recent thrift find.Those old
                                                                      sugar bowls would hold a lot
                                                                      of sugar!

                                                                             Vintage pinks on
                                                                              a newer pedestal.
                                                                           Tea time with friends in
                                                                           the boathouse. Hope you
                                                                           like sticky date pudding
                                                                           with caramel sauce and
                                                                           whipped cream.
                                                                        Garden roses.

                                                                  Potted scented geranium.

                                                                            Tea time
                                                               An old pottery tea pot enjoys a
                                                               place in the garden.
                                                                        Wildflower bouquet

                                                                    The Boathouse porch.....
                                                                    love those sailboat boots!

                                                     Well, just a bit of random beauty that
                                                                I didn't get a chance to show you before.

                                                               I love taking photos to share with you so
                                                               I am happy to have you here to( hopefully)
                                                               enjoy them!

                                                                                 Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. That dessert looks heavenly.

Pamela Gordon said...

I enjoyed your random photos Carolyn. You take such beautiful photos of your flowers and china and lovely vignettes too. I have a sugar bowl the same style and shape as yours but with pink roses all around it instead. It was my great grandmother's so I treasure it. Enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead! Pam

Unknown said...

Uma linda seleção de fotos. Adorei seu açucareiro novo. Bom final de semana.


Unknown said...

Uma linda seleção de fotos. Adorei seu açucareiro novo. Bom final de semana.


Carolyn said...

Your gardens are beautiful!! Living in the deep south, we rarely get such vivid colors this time of the year. The heat and humidity fades our blooms by July. I so love looking at your lovely gardens.

sarah said...

Such loveliness :-)

janice15 said...

Hello Carolyn I enjoyed your random shots especially your sweet sugar bowl I love the colors on it... nice.. Happy weekend with love Janice

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

That sugar bowl's colors are so gorgeous.. and every time I see your newer header with the pinks and aquas.. I just swoon! so love the pink (always) but aqua with it is so soothing. I so enjoy all of your photos... the photos of the clemantis in the little collage are just stunning. The purples and then the dark aqua arbor in the background... wow. You are lucky to be having good weather. I'm in Oregon and we are having so many forest fires, as is Washington, that it's sad to see so much beautiful country going to ashes. Your touches of green and all the colors are very welcome!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Beautiful! Love, love the boots!!

Imm@ said...

CIao Carolyn, tutto stupendo come sempre, mi piacciono i pizzi che hai postato in questo post, quello coi cuori a filet potresti gentilmente renderlo più visibile, in quanto è messo sotto a un altro copriletto, grazie, complimenti per tutto, Imma...


Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh your photos always make me smile. Thank you for sharing the beauty..

Have a lovely week.


Madelief said...

Lovely photo's of your Porcelain and your beautiful garden Carolyn. Happy to see you are enjoying summer!

Madelief x