Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beautiful Island Home

                                                              Happy Weekend!

                                 It feels like spring here today and our snow is finally melting.

                                So, I have visions of daffodils blooming in my head!

                               Some of you may remember seeing photos of my friend Janice's
                              home on my blog before but it is now up for sale so I wanted to
                             spread the word in case any of you might be interested.

                                                            The master bedroom.
                                                            Love this cozy setting.
                                                I have watched Downton Abbey in this comfy.cozy
                                                family room.
                                                          Living room upstairs.
                                                         Guest bedrooms

                                                           Janice setting the table for our tea.

                                                    Not only is the home beautiful but it
                                                    comes with a beautiful garden and shed.

                                     I love this beautiful home and could move in myself if I didn't already
                                     have a home.
                                     If you would like more info you can contact Exit Realty.

                          And to get you in the mood for lilacs!

                                                        Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful lilacs!
And then the vases!
For the house: I'm living so far away!

With love, Gerry

Sandi said...

Love that outdoor sitting area!!

sarah said...

what a beautiful, elegant home.

Rustic Maple Elizabeth said...

It is indeed a lovely home. The gardens are lovely and I especially like the first bedroom with that gorgeous bed. I do visit often but don't always comment easily from my phone.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

What a gorgeous home! Is she downsizing? Moving away from the north never-ending winters?

It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Hope if she IS moving, she won't be moving too far away - losing friends to a move is sad indeed.

Carolyn said...

Hi Michele,
Janice and her husband are downsizing and in no time Janice will have created another beautiful story this time.
Snow is finally melting and spring is in the air!
Enjoy your day,

Susan said...

Looks like a most lovely home, Carolyn. Love the lace on the long door. Susan

Mein Gartenglück said...

Dein Raum wird sich bald erfüllen ,liebe Carolyn! Heute haben wir zum 1.Mal im Garten gegrillt und den ganzen Nachmittag in der Sonne gesessen! Ein Traum! Bald wirst Du das Gleiche tun! Ich drücke Dir die Daumen! Alles Liebe von Susan

Victorian1885 said...

Thank you for sharing Janice's beautiful home with all of us. The video is wonderful and I am sure the house will sell quickly.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

These photos are lovely! They bring memories of when I was in Canada.