Thursday, April 9, 2015

Garden Arbors

                                                               I was going through some of our
                                                               summer garden photos today and
                                                               I thought you might enjoy seeing
                                                               the arbors in our garden.

                                                               My husband built this arbor and fence in
                                                               over 20 years ago.
                                                              Actually, he built all of our wooden fences
                                                              and arbors with some help from one of our sons.
                                                                 Love this Constance Spry rose with the
                                                                 blue and the white clematis.
                                                                 This arbor leads into Martha's Garden.

                                                                       Nelly Noser clematis on the left.
                                                              The old arbor that was here for over
                                                              20 years was replaced last year with
                                                              a new one that matches the one on the
                                                              other side of this garden room.It will
                                                              age to gray in a year or two.

                                                               The arbor and long border at the road.
                                                                There is an arbor at either end of our allee

                                                                The arbor at the south of our home.
                                                      The arbor above leads into the small
                                                                 enclosed garden by the cottage.

                                                                  Well, needless to say I am looking
                                                                   forward to the return of our garden.
                                                                  We have spotted robins in the garden
                                                                  again and I heard the Canada geese fly
                                                                  over ~ two signs of spring here on the

                                                                  I am joining The Charm of Home today
                                                                  for Home Sweet Home.

                                                                                   Thank you for visiting,





Olá Carolyn, espero que esteja tudo bem. Me lembro com detalhe cada caramanchão e a beleza de seu jardim. Estamos alegres em estar na nova casa. Meu jardim é pequeno, mas o suficiente para que eu tenha algumas flores e acabei de ganhar um balanço de meu marido. Adorei. Um bom final de semana e torcendo para a primavera chegar logo na ilha para desfrutar de belas fotos.


Parsimonious Décor Darling said...

It must go without saying, but absolutely sublime!! So beyond beautiful.

sarah said...

What a magnificent garden!

an angel at my table said...

Lovely lovely lovely! You are my absolut garden mega star!!! Your garden is realy the most wonderful I know! What I am hoping is that your climat on your iland is a little like mine in Sweden! Maybe one day my garden can look like yours. The first photo of the Therese Bugnet roses on the arbor I have tried to copy my self! Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration! All the best Mari from Sweden

Mein Gartenglück said...

Liebe Carolyn, Dein Garten ist Garden Eden! Ich könnte mich in die Bilder hineinlegen. Wie schaffst du das alles??? Ist der Frühling bei Dir angekommen! Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland von Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,
What do you have a beautiful garden!
What I like is to walk around or sit for a while!
Have greatly enjoyed your photos!

With love, Gerry

Angela said...

Your work is always so stunning. It is amazing what you can do in a relatively short growing season. I'm in zone 5 and cannot achieve anything close to that kind of splendor. Absolutely beautiful.

Jesus puro amor said...
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The Charm of Home said...

Oh Carolyn! What a vision on loveliness in your garden this week! I am featuring gardening dreams on the blog next week I will feature this at the next Home Sweet Home party it will be perfect! Thank you so much for joining Home Sweet Home!

Julie H said...

You have such a beautiful garden. A lot of hard work and dedication and love have been put into it. Thank you for sharing!

Vesna Maric said...

Beautiful arbours and arches. I have saved some of the photos for an inspiration.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I adore your garden. It's such an inspiration!


Kim said...

Oh, my goodness!! It's stunning! How does one start such a garden?

Sonia said...

Your arbors are each so beautiful. I have one in my garden and it is truly my favorite piece in the garden. You have so many pretty arbors and how special that your husband and sons made them!
Miss Bloomers

Unknown said...
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So romantic and dreamy:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens said...


You are a flower artist

Unknown said...

Unbelievably gorgeous !
And though I've never heard of it before now I want an Alley Garden !
Still too early here in Montreal - but a girl can dream
I'm off to pin these gorgeous images - thanks for sharing