Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shades of Aqua

                                                                  Hello everyone,

                                                   I hope your week is going well and I am sure you
                                                   are looking forward to the weekend.

                                                     I haven't had time lately to do any new photo shoots
                                                    so I am probably getting a bit boring here as I am sharing
                                                    some photos again that I took previously.
                                                    The obelisk above was brown but I painted it turquoise/aqua
                                                    blue and it gives the garden a nice pop of color.

                                                  A mixed bouquet in an aqua vase picks up the color
                                                   of the pillow and china on the tray.
                                                                  Aqua china.
                                                    Little Abby in a pretty aqua dress.
                                                             An aqua tablescape in the garden.....looking
                                                             forward to eating in the garden again.

                Breakfast in the terrace.

                 A vintage chenille aqua bedspread.

                                                         I painted an old picnic basket soft
                                                         might have guessed that I love aqua.
                                                             How about this charming turquoise/aqua
                                                             house in the village of Victoria by the Sea.

                                              Lastly, a few more aqua teacups......all these
                                                        summery shots are making look forward to
                                                        the warmer days ahead but for now I am enjoying
                                                        the longer sunny but still winter days we have here.

                                                                                    Thank you for visiting,




roamingpursuits said...

Beautiful photos.

Lorrie said...

Aqua is a wonderful shade - love the teacups!

Beth said...

Carolyn, Your images are stunning. I love the aqua and turquoise - love the pretty picnic basket, and the china. Your garden looks pretty and I know you are looking forward to spring and summer. Little Abby is a doll! Hope your week is going well.

Lela B said...

Beautiful photos!Love aqua and turquoise colour so much!!!
Have a great weekend!

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

I sure do enjoy all of your lovely photos. They brighten my day and I always look forward to taking in every detail. I hope the snow is melting away as I know you can't wait to be back in the garden.

Rhondi said...

Aqua is such a lovely color. I recently made some pillow covers that were floral on an aqua background. I always love to visit you. You have such a gift for beauty!

Susan said...

Love the shade aqua, Terri. It's so soothing. Of course your photos are dreamy. No matter that they are not newly taken. And that granddaughter! Such a charmer. Delightful post. Susan

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

How I love this color, Carolyn! Beautiful photos with a hint of warmer days to come! Lovely!

Maria - Den eksperimenterende have said...

I love it!

Jean Tuthill said...

Beautiful photos, Carolyn!

Carrie B. said...

Gorgeous Carolyn! I could never tire of any of your photos, repeats or not. Love it all!!

j sh said...
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Valerie Roberts said...

Oh my... You have such beautiful photo's. What stunning items you have to photograph. The aqua basket is what brought me to your blog. Valerie R.

Jann Olson said...

Oh my, just dreamy. Swooning! I too love aqua.