Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Romantic Whites

                                                                             Hope your week is going well.
                                                                           We are expecting a couple more
                                                                          snow storms to hit the Island this
                                                                          week......Spring,where are you?
                                                                         So, in the midst of all this white
                                                                        I have some soft romantic whites to share.
                                                                      Pretty cupcakes,roses and china.

           A lacy white heart.

                                   I do love soft romantic whites but I have my fill
                                              of the white stuff outdoors for this year.

                                                                                      Enjoy your day!



podso said...

So pretty Carolyn. I love the pearl rimmed saucer! I hope your snow doesn't stay around too long.

Elzie said...

Lovely as usual. Here we'll get some snow too later this week. Nothing that we look forward too. Hopefully you'll get rid of what you have too.
Love Elzie

Ola said...

Jak zwykle ,pięknie

Kim said...

You always have such beautiful pictures. Love the whites!

tja said...


love the whites. do you have a source for the lampshade?? I am in need of a larger size for my floor lamp. Many years ago, my children goofing around broke mine. They actually tried to duct tape it together thinking that I would not notice a thing lol. I was never able to replace it with the white one but a blush pink that I like but I really prefer the white. I had contacted the manufacturer of the lamp and sadly they did not have a supply of the white nor did they have any information on where to obtain them as they had discontinued the lamp and were selling the shades only because they were stock on hand. Until I had spied the picture at the bottom of your blog, I had not seen anyone else with the shade.

Thanks for your help and prayers for spring arrival.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

So soft and pretty. I feel for you Carolyn - that's how our winter went last year. I truly thought it would never be warm or green again!!

We're getting a wonderful (& much needed) early Spring this year - so I bet it will be your turn for that next year too. Hang in there and the Spring will come! xoxo

Jonell w Harrison said...

You INSPIRE - Spring has come to south Alab ama! Praise God! So ready for it.
Your soft pastels & shades of white just hug me!

Jonell w Harrison said...
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Susan said...

Ahhhhhh, soothing whites! Love them, excluding snow. No, no more snow. I'm with you, Carolyn. GO AWAY SNOW! Susan

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, I would much rather look at your lovely whites than the white outside! Do you think we will ever see green grass again? One can always hope! Love all your lacy, dreamy images you have shared. Stay cozy!


Carolyn said...

Hi tja,
I believe I bought the lamp at Canadian Tire several years ago here locally.
hope you can track one down somewhere.

Maria said...

Oh, my! Two more snowstorms? I would also be sick to death of white! Of course, yours are beautiful! I love that little heart.hang in there, Spring really is coming!