Monday, December 1, 2014

Cheryl's Christmas Open House

      Happy December!

                                               I mentioned that my friend Cheryl was having a
                                               Christmas Open House on Saturday that I was
                                              attending ~ so today I am taking you along.
                                                The photos above are of the guest bedroom.
                                                                   Cheryl's  beautiful tree in the kitchen
                                                                  and a small one in her bedroom.
                                                         Cheryl always does an amazing job  setting
                                                        her table. I loved the chairs dressed up with
                                                         greenery and the little gift boxes at each
                                                        place setting.
                                           There was a beautiful display of sparkly village
Another pretty guest bedroom.
                                                    I am sure by now you can see that Cheryl was kept
                                                    busy for weeks getting everything ready for the
                                                   Open House.
                                                       The dining room and lower right photo is her
                                                      cozy family room.
                                                    I love the touches of red and green.
                                                              It was beautiful inside and out!
                                                          Even the greenhouse was beautifully done
                                                          for the season. Cheryl enjoys her tea in here
                                                         on sunny days.......I might have to sneak in and join
                                                         her someday!
                           The fireplace in the family room. I love that Cheryl found the mantle
                                     top at the restore and painted it to match her fireplace. It was an old
                                     brown dresser top before. It is all so perfectly lovely don't you think?

                                         Thank you ,Cheryl for giving so freely of your time for
                                         a good cause ( new furnace for their church). I know all
                                         the ladies enjoyed it!Now, I hope you can relax and enjoy
                                         it all.
                                          This was just a quick tour around and my photos don't
                                          do it justice but I hope you enjoyed the tour too!

                                          I am joining Lavender Cottage today for Mosaic Monday.

                                                                                  Thanks for visiting,


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Cheryl's home is beautifully decorated for the holidays and I'm glad you were able to share it. The greenhouse looks cozy and on a sunny day, tea in there would be heavenly.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Carolyn.

Susan said...

Hello Carolyn...Cheryl did a wonderful job decorating for the holidays. Her home is soooo lovely. She is a woman who pays great attention to the tiniest details. Thank you so much for taking us on the tour! Loved it. Susan

June said...

Cheryl's Christmas home is so lovely Carolyn. I'm so glad you would share the photos of it with us. I love seeing how others do their homes for this beautiful season. It's beautiful!
sending hugs...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You were right, Carolyn, Cheryl's house is just beautiful inside and out! I love her tree - just gorgeous. She has added in some lovely Christmas decorations and yet it is not over the top. Just enough, in my opinion.

angie said...

danke für die tollen inspirationen!!! einen schönen abend wünscht angie

Donna said...

This is so beautiful...I marvel at the energy some people have to do all this decorating.

ann said...

Cheryl's home is so beautiful with such attention to detail And my but you have a lot of snow already. I always enjoy your beautiful Christmas decor and now Cheryl's, too.

My Heaven Page said...

This is Lovely Christmas Decorated Home! I shared the Trees on my Dreaming Of A Coastal Cottage page. :)


Naomi Walters said...

Cheryl's home is absolutely spectacular. Her Christmas trees look so gorgeously done, just like every other corner in her abode. My favorite space would have to be the dining room, with that beautiful silver candelabra. Thanks to Cheryl for sharing her home with us! All the best to you guys!

Naomi Walters @ Chicora