Saturday, November 29, 2014

Afternoon Tea Break

                                                           I hope your weekend is going well.

                                                   I know we are getting into that busy time
                                                   where there seems to be a lot of hustle
                                                    and bustle.    
                                                         So, I hope you will take time
                                                         for a few quiet moments with
                                                         an afternoon tea break.
                                                               Relaxing by the fireside.

                                      It is a beautiful sunny day here with a good
                                     cover of sprinkling snow.
                                        I am off to Cheryl's Christmas Open House
                                     now but you can linger with your tea if you
                                     like......warm and cozy by the fire.

                                                       Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, November 28, 2014

A Review of The Christmas Boathouse

                                                                         Hello everyone,

                                                    I am back again with a review of the
                                                   Christmas Boathouse.
                                                        A porch vignette to start off with.

                                                                 The Boathouse decked for Christmas ~although
                                                                  this was taken a couple of years ago,it looked
                                                                  very similar this morning as we had a good
                                                                  snowfall overnight.
                                                 Although some of you have seen these photos in
                                                 the past I wanted to share a quick overview today.
                                                                    Bella making herself comfortable ~
                                                                    she is our grandchildren's new puppy.
                                                              On the opposite side of the room ~
                                                              a comfy bed to curl up in.
                                                                      The conservatory on the back
                                                                      has a cozy English look.

Looking down from the loft.

                                                Today, I went up to the loft that is our grandchildren's favorite
                                                spot in the boathouse.
                                           A tea time all ready for a visitor.                            
                                                         A red and white toile quilt ties in with the
                                                         look of the rest of the boathouse.
                                                           I love mixing in some tartans.
                                                                 A tea time for you before you leave.

I am joining" Christmas in the Country " home tour
   and link party at Creative Country Mom.
There are over 40 homes decorated for the
season showing between Nov.28 and Dec.12.
There is also a link party where you can add your
link if you wish.

Enjoy a homespun Country Christmas at

Just a little reminder of the Christmas Open House
a fundraiser ~ by donation only.
Door prizes and refreshments.

at my friend Cheryl's this Sat. 1~5 at
128 Mac Rae Dr. East Royalty.

Thank you for visiting!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Gift for You!

                                                  It is a wintry white day here on the Island as we
                                                  received over 20 cm of snow here causing
                                                 all schools to cancel for the day. It is early
                                                 for a snow day but I know some kiddo's who
                                                 were happy for a day off!
                                                   These photos were taken in our little
                                                   conservatory a few years ago on a day similar
                                                   to this one.
                                                    Anyway, grab a cup of tea or coffee
                                                and enjoy a look through a free online
                                                 Christmas ,magazine that I am featured
                                                 in along with some pretty talented bloggers.
                         I was pleasantly surprised to get an email a few months
                                   ago from Kerryanne ~ the editor of the online magazines
                                   Simply Shabblicious. You can visit her on her blog
                                  Shabby Art Boutique or her facebook.
                                   Kerryanne asked me if I would be a contributor to her
                                   new Christmas Simply Shabblicious magazine so I
                                    happily said yes!

                                     So as a gift to you, you can view the whole magazine
                                    on line by clicking on the link below.
Simply Shabbilicious Magazine… the Christmas issue - Shabby Art Boutique

I love the cover ~ don't you!

 I hope you enjoy !

Also,  I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends ~ here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in Oct.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Rest of the Story

                                                          Today, I am back with the rest of
                                                          the story.......some more photos of
                                                         our Christmas Cottage.
                                                         The table is made from my husband's
                                                         grandmother's old Singer sewing
                                                                     Shooting into the mirror.

                                                                  The corner cupboard......did I
                                                                  mention before that my husband
                                                                 made this for me so I could display
                                                                 my dishes.
                                                               I bought several of these lace covered balls at
                                                               a yardsale.
                                                                     This doll was a gift several years
                                                                      ago ~ love the antique lace.
                                                                     I covered the chairs with vintage chenille
                                                                    Some real greenery adds a pop of color.

           Love this mirror with scrolled trim.

                                 .           Well, that just about covers it all
                                                         I have been decorating in the house too,
                                                        of course but haven't had time to photograph it yet.

                                                                           Thank you for visiting,


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Cottage ~ Vintage White

                                                         Every year the little Gardener's Cottage
                                                         gets decorated for Christmas in a different
                                                this year it is Vintage White.
                                                        I used my $5 Restore tree this year with
                                                        vintage ornaments.
                                                            Love this chippy old chair.
                                                                 Candles add a warm romantic glow.
                                                                  A little glitter and glam


                                              A  Vintage Wedding Dress                          
                                                       I changed out the pastel china for white

                                                             Skates under the tree with a lace skirt

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our
Christmas Cottage ~ Vintage Style.

I have more photos of it to share another day.

It is a beautiful sunny warm day here so
I am going out to enjoy it. I still have some
outdoor decorating to do.

Enjoy your day!