Thursday, September 4, 2014

Quilt Daze

                                                                               Hello everyone,

                                                              My week seemed to slip away from me again ~ but, I
                                                              finally got my act together and got a post ready.
                                                                Today,was the first day of school here for our
                                                              grandchildren ~ always a big day! It was so good to hear
                                                              they all came home happy.
                                                                Anyway,I have always loved quilts especially old
                                                               handmade ones so today I am airing them for you!

                                                                             Don't you love my vintage clothespin bag?
                                                                   So much work went into the making of
                                                                   these beautiful quilts.
                                                                        I love how these look together.

                                                                             I love to use quilts as tablecloths.

                                                              This is one of the few quilts I made back in
                                                               the days when I had seven young children,
                                                               but didn't blog so I had more free time ha!ha!
                                                                 This was my son's room when he was a little
                                                               boy many moons ago.It seems like not just my
                                                               week slipped by!!!
                                                                                        Thank you for visiting,



sarah said...

Seven children! What a wonderful blessing! And all these quilts are so beautiful. I too like to use them as tablecloths.

Bernideen said...

You have an amazing collection of quilts that are lovely. Also, your son's room was so sweet. Your home is always so warm and friendly and your kitchen is looking darling.

Bernideen said...

Oh - one more thing. I only had 2 children and now I really regret that. I think you made the better choice - and more grandchildren. I only have 2!

Nina John said...

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hansundgrete said...

Hi Carolyn,
your quilts are beautiful. I love them all.
Hugs Olga from Germany

Paulina L said...

I love quilts! Greetings from Poland

Justine said...

Great quilts!
Have a wonderful and sunny weekend:)

Andi's English Attic said...

What a wonderful sight - all those quilts hanging on the line. I had never thought of using them as table covers. xx

Janneke said...

I admire all the quilting ladies who made these beautiful quilts. You showed them in a terrific way. I only made two quilts in my life, have not the patience to sit still for such a long time after another.


Olá Carolyn,

Suas colchas são lindas! Sabe o quanto gosto de patchwork e suas peças são maravilhosas. Me aposento no início de outubro e estou com muita espectativa em ter tempo disponível para fazer belos trabalhos manuais. Um bom final de semana.


Ruthie Miller said...

Love, love, love your beautiful quilts. How happy they all look together! Best, Ruthie

Deborah Montgomery said...

Beautiful quilts, I love them as table coverings. My mother makes quilts, and I can appreciate how labor intensive they are. Real treasures to own.

Jonell Harrison said...

Yes OLD QUILTS are wonderful..thank you for sharing yours with us.

As I saw your photos I thought but I have such a few....3 total but then I realized I too can tell a QUILT STORY...a Short Story~ as always thank you for the inspiration.

dizzyizzy said...

These quilts are so lovely. I have a secret love of quilts. I have a few that were made for me by a dear sweet lady, Nell Johansen, when I was a young girl, I also have a few from my Grandmother and in recent years a dear friend has made some small ones for me as well. I count myself very blessed.

Marlene Stephenson said...

You have some wonderful old quilts,thanks for sharing with us.I have some beauties a precious aunt made for me and i love them.

Heaven's Walk said...

What a beautiful collection of quilts you have, Carolyn! I have a few from my mother and grandmother and cherish each one. You are so blessed to be a mother of 7 children! :)

xoxo laurie

Cathy said...

Quilts are like photos of the past they are always fun to look at and then to be able to touch something that you know has many hours of love in them. I have a couple of quilts that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother. But one special quilt that my daughter kidnapped and she still uses (when she is sick guess what blanket she wants) and gives her great memories of her ancestors.
Love the way you have displayed the quilts and used as a table cover.

Sandi said...

Lovely, striking, beautiful quilts! The colors are so vibrant!

They remind me of Grandma. She was a big quilter. I have one of her quilts that I treasure.

Chubby Chieque said...

Amazing treasure.

I have 2 quilts but it is stuck in the garage.

Thank you for reminding. I guess and for sure to get them when I get back home.

Njoy the weekend.

Rhondi said...

The quilts are beautiful. Being a quilter myself I can appreciate how much work went into them!

agatek said...

I haven't used ever quilts as tableclothes but I love this idea. :)
I like your pretty photos of indoors. I will be back here surely . Have a nice day.

Wollmolly said...

Wonderful quilts!!!
Greatings from Germany