Monday, September 8, 2014

An Island Evening

                                                                                Hello everyone,

                                                                  I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Here,on the
                                                                  Island (Prince Edward Island) we have been
                                                                 enjoying these last days of summer. A few
                                                                evenings ago we went for a drive to Brackley/
                                                                              It was a calm sunny evening
                                                                              and we enjoyed the sights
                                                                             along the way.
                                                                      When I was a teenager I had a horse
                                                                      for awhile and I still enjoy seeing them
                                                                     on farms around the Island.

                                                                              We stopped to see the garden
                                                                              at The Dunes.

                                                                               Sunny yellow sunflowers.
                                                                                      Pretty dahlias
                                                                             Cove head Lighthouse
                                                                    We enjoyed watching the sunset.
                                                                                       Rowing along by the setting sun.
                                                                            A good place to walk your dog.

                                                                  Others were enjoying the beautiful sunset.

                                                It was a lovely way to to spend a
                                                           late summer evening on the Island.
                                                             I hope you enjoyed coming along
                                                          for the ride.
                                                              I have a few paint projects to work
                                                         on today so I better get busy.

                                                                                     Enjoy your day!



Anonymous said...


Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

Before reading you blog I have never heard of your Island. Now it is on our list to visit when Hubby retires. The pictures you have post are so beautiful.

Doranma said...

Sunset is one of the most beautfiul sights on Earth. Regards :)

Doranma said...

Sunset is one of the most beautfiul sights on Earth. Regards :)

Egretta Wells blog said...

Carolyn, sigh, that is the prettiest place! I would just love to spend a few months there painting my heart away!

Madelief said...

Such a beautiful island you live on Carolyn! I hope to visit one day! Happy week.

Madelief x

Rose said...

merveilleuses photos au jolies couleurs de l'automne, merci

sarah said...

Such beautiful rose-gold light. Such peace.

Victorian1885 said...

What a Beautiful post Carolyn...

Beth said...

You live in such a beautiful place, Carolyn! I really enjoyed your photos today. The beach/sunset is so gorgeous!

Justine said...

Oh, I love your Island and you always surprise me with such AMAZING and BREATHTAKING views - the sunset is so beautiful as well as the lighthouse and the farm!!!
Enjoy your day:)