Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Evening Sail

                                                                         Hello everyone,
                                                        Andrew and I were fortunate to go
                                                        for an evening sail around the
                                                        Charlottetown harbor and it
                                                        was lots of fun! This was a
                                                        little dream of mine so when
                                                        our son asked if we would
                                                        like to go for a sail and support
                                                        the Heart and Stroke foundation
                                                        at the same time ~ we were all
                                                       for it!

                                                          The boats in the Harbor.
                                             We had a mix of weather from rain and wind
                                             to sunny and calm.
                                                           We sailed by Fanningbank
                                                          where we went for the
                                                          Garden Party a couple of
                                                          days ago.

                                                           That's me steering the boat .....does
                                                           everyone look a little nervous???
                                                   I am definitely going to watch
                                                             for this great fundraiser next
                                                             year and maybe you will too!

                                                             Thank you to our great hosts
                                                              for taking us along on the
                                                              "Evening Sail".

                                                            Summer seems to be sailing
                                                            right along too ~ doesn't it?



agnes said...

Hello Carolyn,
Your pictures are amazing! Summer is about fun and making dreams come true ;)
Enjoy the beuatiful weather and I'm sending you greetings from Poland!

Susan Freeman said...

I love to sail. Looks as though you had a lovely evening.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Heaven's Walk said...

What a beautiful time you must have had, Carolyn. Isn't sailing such a peaceful experience? There's nothing better than feeling the wind fill those sails and pull the boat along...Loved seeing you on that gorgeous boat.

xoxo laurie

hansundgrete said...

Wow, what a beautiful trip!
You are so courageous.
I'd have a little bit fear to go to a sailing tour :-(
Hugs Olga