Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Garden Party at Fanningbank

                                                                    Hello everyone,
                                                     Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to
                                                     the annual Garden Party at Fanningbank.
                                                     Fanningbank is the residence of the
                                                    Lt. Governors on Prince Edward

              Since we are celebrating the 150th year
                               of the beginning of the creation of our great country, 
                  we were encouraged to wear period costumes
and/or hats.
                Now,I don't have anything as elaborate as this
              but I did enjoy seeing the charming ladies and
gentleman in theirs.

                                                     If you missed seeing these charming
                                                     young actors yesterday, you can still
                                                    catch them walking around the streets
                                                    of downtown historic Charlottetown.

                                                        We did get some rain but it didn't
                                                       effect our enjoyment of the party.

                                                             More charming ladies!

                                                        There was music in the garden as well ~
                                                        you can see the band in the background.

                                                         The Lt. Gov. Frank Lewis on the right
                                                         and his wife Dorothy were our gracious
                                                         hosts ~ thank you for a lovely afternoon!              
                                                Chef Gillian Gaudet created the beautiful array
                                               of treats. We also enjoyed delicious strawberry
                                                            My friend Heather and I enjoyed the garden
                                                                  and these little ones as well.
                     I really enjoyed the garden party ~ it
was a great afternoon!

               I am planning to have an Open
           Garden on Saturday, August 2
        from 6 - 8 pm if any of you
            would like to come for a stroll
          around the garden,we will be
       happy to see you!

            Also, planning to host a Garden Tea in
       early August as a fundraiser ~ more
   details in a day or two.

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