Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Color Inside and Out

                                                                      Hello everyone,
                                            With the warmer temperatures things are finally
                                            starting to move ahead in our garden.
                                             Last week the daffodils/narcissus were
                                            just starting to bloom and this week we have
                                           hundreds of them. Some of my tulips are
                                           starting to bloom as well.
                                                           A little spring display indoors.

                                                          I love this display from last spring.

                                                              Spring color in the kitchen.

                                                I took these shots in our garden today.

                                                       I just noticed today some of my
                                                       early peonies have buds on them!

                            I have been busy pruning rosebushes,hydrangea ,clematis etc.
                                      and loving every minute of it.......well maybe not when I get
                                      stabbed by those rose thorns,but still worth it!

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                                                                                                Thanks for visiting,


Maggie Ann said...

Carolyn, your photos are so beautiful! You have a gift for putting colors together, and I've enjoyed your post. God be praised for giving us these beauties and also eyes to see them. God is love. Happy Spring! We are having a week of rainy weather....quite dreary but near 82 degrees yesterday. We have lily of the valley up and some iris. I planted cosmos seeds over two weeks ago. A few are up, not many but this rain should do something good.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh YAY!! The Aiken Gardens are coming back to life! We're really in for loads of awesome beauty treats now, whoo hoo!

Jenny Harris said...

I agree with Michele - so happy that your gardens are waking up! As pretty as your spring bulbs are, I know the peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and other beauties are not far behind!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your gardens are finally coming to life and are so colourful, especially with the bouquets indoors.
Yes, do watch out for the thorns, a piece of one broke off in the back of my hand right through my glove and my hand swelled up. Nasty things!

mzzbev said...

So, so beautiful!! I wish I had your green thumb, so blessed!! Can I borrow you for a day? ;) -Bev

Bernideen said...

Amazing progress! Lovely!

hansundgrete said...

Hi Carolyn,
a feast for the eyes :-)
Hugs Olga

Justine said...

WOW! Amazing pictures of the flowers from your gorgeous garden!:)

Linda said...

Happy long weekend, Carolyn!
Just popping in getting my fix before heading off to work - TGIF and it's finally going to be a warm one! It's about time we woke to no snow flurries here! Lol Your gardens are way ahead of ours here, but seeing yours gives me hope. Beautiful as always!
Thank you for sharing the link for "Pink Trees and Cherry Tea", Tea Sea-To-Sea for breast cancer research. XO
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Jean Tuthill said...

Your garden is so amazing. I love to garden, too! Happy Spring! I love visiting your blog...

Yasmeen Elsayed said...

thanks ,,,,,,,,,

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Beautiful images, such gorgeous colors.

Sonia said...

My goodness, such beauty in your posts! I enjoy every visit!
Miss Bloomers