Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

                                                                           Happy Mother's Day Weekend !
                                                    I am happy to be able to go out to our garden and
                                                    pick a fresh bouquet once again. Although we are
                                                   a couple of weeks behind here this spring good
                                                   things are happening out in the garden now!
                                            An old colorful vintage quilt, a beautiful old pitcher
                                           and a pretty bouquet of daffodils from the garden
                                           gives a cheerful look in the sunroom.

                                                                  In the garden.

                                                       The teacup belonged to my Mom.

               I was delighted to have some nice sunny warm days this week to work
                         in the garden. We did a little extension onto a couple of beds so I had
                        fun dividing and moving some new plants into it......while I am working
                         I am envisioning how pretty it will look when it matures!
                           I have quite a list of chores to get done this week coming up as
                      my girls and I are going on a little holiday for a few days before our
                      garden tours (done through Prince Edward Tours) start the following week.
                      Once our tours start it will a busy summer with several hundred visitors
                      coming from Japan to visit.
                             A couple of my granddaughter's are coming over to
                            watch Anne of Green Gables with me tonight......can't
                           wait to see if they enjoy it as much as I do!

                          Hope you all enjoy your weekend and to all Mom's

                                                                                         Happy Mother's Day!




Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Happy Mothers Dy to you too! Love the quilt, so cherry! The daffodils are beautiful too.

podso said...

Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Mari said...

Such beautiful blooms, wishing you a very Happy Mothers Day!


Jen Ham said...

Have a beautiful Mother's Day! xoxo Jen

yelda ersozlu Bakirtas said...

happy mother days to you

hansundgrete said...

Good morning Carolyn,
I wish you a great mothersday too and a nice time with your family,
greetings from Germany, Olga
P.S. The old quilt is beautiful.
I do a few little hexagons for a new quilt this time and I like the design of your's.

jankasgarten said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Güliz GÜL said...

sizinde anneler gününüz kutlu olsun.

Béa de C said...

Happy Mother's Day!
In Belgium too is our Day...

It's me said...

Happy Mothersday darling., Ria...enjoy...x !

shirlgirl said...

Thank you so much for sharing your vacation pictures with us. I enjoy reading about new places and seeing them. We don't live to far from Mt. Dora and we love it too. I bet you are glad to be back home and in your garden though. Wishing you a great Mother's Day.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Happy Mother's Day, Carolyn!

Linda said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, dear sunny friend!
Anne of Green Gables brings back so many lovely memories and will always be one of my favourite movies. Enjoy your day filled with daffodils and love. XO
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Susan said...

A most blessed Mother's Day to you, Carolyn!

Loved the photos. Spring is behind here, too, but at least we are not in Denver, where it's snowing! Susan

Susan said...
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ummiLIN said...

Happy Mother's Day :)

Bella said...

Happy Mothers Day Carolyn!
It is wonderful to see your garden coming back to life! Beautiful and cheerful post! Enjoy movie night:-)

Sarah said...

Happy Mother's Day, Carolyn. Enjoy your spring garden!

Erin said...

Happy mother's day!! I look forward to your garden this season!

CIELO said...

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day too Carolyn...

Always pretty here.


Madelief said...

Beautiful daffodils Carolyn! Happy to see the first flowers from your garden. Spring really is on it's way. Hope you will have a lovely time with your daughters visiting gardens and fun tonight with your granddaughters!

Anne of Green Gables is still one of my favourites to watch too!!

Happy week!

Madelief x