Saturday, November 30, 2013

Little Brown Jug

                                                                    Happy Weekend!
                                    Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. It is sunny but cool here
                              today ~ perfect for this time of year.
                                      I seem to remember a song from way back that went .....little brown
                              jug how I love thee so that is what popped into my head when thinking of
                              a tittle for my post today.

                              I know I shared photos of it not long ago but I love this little vignette
                             that I did in a small corner in the kitchen.
I love how the old wooden thrift shop mirror reflects the cupboard
with one of my favorite birdhouses on it.

           Another vignette in the works in our library on the mantel. I will be replacing the artificial
                     trees with real greenery and berries soon and adding some lights.
                       I love the handmade wreath made from pages from an old book by a friend of my daughters.

                      I am guessing it wouldn't take me so long to put up my Christmas decorations if I didn't
                      stop to take so many pics but all part of the fun for me!

                     I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Saturday Show-off today.

                          Thank you for visiting,


Thursday, November 28, 2013

More Red & White Kitchen Touches

                                                                   Hello everyone,
                                   The last couple of years I have been enjoying adding touches of red
                                to our kitchen/dining room. The red and white vintage quilt is the perfect
                                touch of red and white for anytime of the year but especially Christmas.
                                The harvest table is the same one we had when our seven children all
                                sat around the table for meals.....wish those days hadn't gone by so quickly!

                               The chairs were brown thrift shop finds that got a makeover a few years ago.
                                    The transferware pitcher and basin came from Coulson's in Summerside.
                                  The lovely vintage plaid picnic box came from Emment & Ellie's on
                                   University Ave in Charlottetown. It will be perfect for a winter display
                                   of greenery and berries on my porch.

                                        Love the lantern too ~ thanks Sharon!
                                               Most of you have seen my vintage coffee pot.

                                                       Getting ready for Christmas.

                  I am enjoying the sparkle of Christmas lights in our home once again ~ it makes these
                             long dark evenings so cheery. I will have to get some photos to share with you
                                Tomorrow, I am invited to a friends beautiful home for a Christmas lunch - so let                                                       the fun begin!

                              I am joining Be Inspired at Common Ground today as well as My Romantic Home
                                    for Show & Tell Friday.

                              Blessings to all my American friends ~ I hope you are enjoying a lovely
                               Thanksgiving day.

                              Thank you for visiting,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Touch of Nordic Style

                                                                     Hello everyone,

                             I am still in the process of decorating our home for Christmas but I thought
                             I would show you a little touch of Nordic style that I added to the corner
                             of our downstair bath. The cupboard that used to be in here got moved
                             out to the porch so I had some space to fill.
                                   I bought this lovely old window at Coulson's in Summerside for $20.
                                    I think I will put some lace on the back of the window later.

                           The green and white transferware platter and covered dish came from a
                            thrift shop along with a few other pieces. If you would like to see them
                            take a peek here
                     I will be back soon with a few other projects that I have on the go.

                                What about you are you having fun decorating for the Christmas
                                 season yet?

                                                       Thank you for visiting,


Monday, November 25, 2013

A Pop of Christmas Red

                                                                       Hello everyone,
                                 I hope you all had  a good weekend. I have been busy getting our
                              home decorated for Christmas. It seems to be a job that takes me two
                              steps backwards before I move forward again. Dragging tubs of decorations
                              down from the attic and unpacking them before putting the empty tubs away
                              is a messy job but when I get the house all decorated I forget all that and
                              enjoy it all so much.
                               I am enjoying a little pop of color with winter berries mixed with fresh

                               I got this vintage red enamel coffee pot at a thrift shop last year for a few
                                dollars and it looks so pretty with some greenery and berries.
love this vintage quilt, basket and old red chair.

                                            Now it is time to relax and enjoy a cup of tea.

                                 Hope you enjoyed a pop of Christmas red!

                                            I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.

                                                                  Thank you for visiting,


Friday, November 22, 2013

Picnic Fun & a Winner!

                                                                Hello everyone,
                               What a beautiful day we had here today and to make it even better
                           there was no school so Abby and Olivia were able to come for a fun
                           indoor picnic.

                                       Milk and cookies were the order of the day.

                                     The picnic table has a chalk top which the girls love as they
                                     love to draw. and it wipes off easily so they can start all over

                                               Abby stopped to feed her bunny ~ cute!

               This child size picnic table is very well built with hand sanded untreated spruce and
               rounded corners. The top has a special exterior chalk board paint that wipes off                      easily ~ perfect!

                                     I think Olivia did a very good job drawing her bunny!

                                                          Abby was right into it also.
                                A little tablecloth dresses the table up for their picnic.

                 There was lots of giggles as blowing bubbles seems to be lots of fun too!
                            So, just to let you know if you have little ones who would enjoy
                            a picnic table like this one, they are made here on Prince Edward
                            Island by East Coast Chalk Tops so you can order one too.
                              email or phone 902-218 4093.

                            We were fortunate to have one donated for our Downton Abby Tea
                             fundraiser and it raised $120(thank you, Valerie) ~  thank you so much
                            Evan Ceretti and Vaughn Murphy for your generosity! Check out their                                          website as they have other great gifts as well and Christmas is
                             coming soon!

                            Now for the lucky winner of my Country Christmas book ....... Andrew
                            drew the lucky winner and it is........Anita from Calgary!

                            Congratulations,Anita -could you please send me your email address
                            and I will mail it to you~ hope you will enjoy it!

                            Thank you for visiting,