Saturday, November 30, 2013

Little Brown Jug

                                                                    Happy Weekend!
                                    Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. It is sunny but cool here
                              today ~ perfect for this time of year.
                                      I seem to remember a song from way back that went .....little brown
                              jug how I love thee so that is what popped into my head when thinking of
                              a tittle for my post today.

                              I know I shared photos of it not long ago but I love this little vignette
                             that I did in a small corner in the kitchen.
I love how the old wooden thrift shop mirror reflects the cupboard
with one of my favorite birdhouses on it.

           Another vignette in the works in our library on the mantel. I will be replacing the artificial
                     trees with real greenery and berries soon and adding some lights.
                       I love the handmade wreath made from pages from an old book by a friend of my daughters.

                      I am guessing it wouldn't take me so long to put up my Christmas decorations if I didn't
                      stop to take so many pics but all part of the fun for me!

                     I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Saturday Show-off today.

                          Thank you for visiting,



Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You can show that *anytime*!!!

I love it, it is perfectly situated together - you have such an eye for vignettes.

That pitcher is a truly awesome piece, Jacqueline.

Linda said...

My favourite birdhouse of yours, too! Lol Hope you are loving this day, Carolyn! Beauty everywhere!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Kukkaiselämää - My flowering life said...

You have a lovely blog. So beautiful!
Greetings from Finland,

Jean Fleming-Kehler said...

I Love your decorating style. Have been checking in on your blog for a couple of years now and hope to be able to do a tour of your garden sometime. Merry Christmas from Manitoba

Cindy said...

The brown jugs are beautiful, they do look wonderful!

shirley flavell said...

Lovely,the little brown jug and the pinecones look delightful.The handmade wreath is perfect, looks so old worldy. Shirley N.Z.

Cindy said...

Hello Carolyn,
I so enjoyed visiting today and have this same little brown jug. I figure it was a water jug. I love your mantel, it looks festive. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Tretswelt said...

Das gefällt schöön!bussi.Luciene.