Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mellow Yellow

                                                                    Hello everyone,
                              I hope you are enjoying your weekend-it is a long weekend here as Monday is Victoria Day. I went out to the garden a few days ago and enjoyed picking a bouquet for the house.
                                                  Love these miniature daffodils.
                       I planted some parrot tulips in the garden last fall so I picked a few for the house.
                                                          Raindrops on daffodils.

                                       Martha's garden is coming to life again~ I will get better shots in a few days.
                                          The magnolia is blooming in the background.
 Hope these mellow yellows bring you a little cheer. I know they perk me up just looking at them!

         Take care,



Barbara Jean said...

I love yellow, especially this time of year.

And love your banner.
have not been by for awhile.


Susan said...

Oh, so lovely, Carolyn. Love perky yellow. I'm looking forward to all your garden photos and write-ups. Susan p.s. Is your book available online somewhere?

Julie said...

Your tulips and daffodils are beautiful. I planted a lot of tulips last year but the squirrels ate most of them. This fall, I'll have to be smarter than the average squirrel! J

June said...

Your yellow blooms are perfectly springtime Carolyn! Oh how I love daffs and tulips!My daffodils are almost gone now but the trees are bursting with blooms. Our weather was warm for about a week and now it has turned off quite chilly again which is typical of our springs here in Idaho.
I loved the cottage you stayed in for your getaway. Twine Cottage would be a wonderful place to stay.

Dom Rozalii said...

Carolyn, Piękny ogród, piękne zdjęcia. Jestem zachwycona. Pozdrawiam bardzo serdecznie!Miłego dnia!

Timi said...

So beautiful flowers!!!

Gartenkraut said...

Hello Carolyn
I am always astonished how different our gardenseasons are. In middle europe we have already passed the daffodils and most of the tulips but in automne the trees have been colored earlier at your home and it took longer.
Grüess pascale

My Little Home and Garden said...

Lovely,Carolyn. The daffodils are finished here, but my big lilac is in bloom. I love the fragrance that wafts over the yard. I'll look forward to the photos of yours once they bloom.

Happy Victoria Day!


Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful and bright yellow bouquets are a day brightener especially on this cool rainy Victoria Day. Blessings, Pam

Alessandra said...

A wonderful bouquet!

Bernideen said...

Martha weathered well!

domenica.60 said...

Beautiful the Sun!

Linda said...

Jus gorge! Those parrots are knock-outs!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Marilyn said...

My daffodils are long gone, so it is nice to have one more glimpse of the sunshiny yellow of your flowers.

roger singh said...

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