Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last Tour of the Season

                                                         Hello everyone!

           We had a nice sunny Autumn day for our last tour of the season. Why don't you come along with us and see the autumn colors in our garden. We did have a frost a couple of times but not a killing frost.
         This will be the last time this year for a big bus to roll in with some lovely visitors from Japan.
                             There was 27 visitors  today for a house and garden tour. I was happy to have such a nice sunny day for them to enjoy their visit.
                           The little "Gardener's Cottage' always meets with approval!

                   This beautiful gentle lady brought me a gift of powered green tea and the cup,wisk, etc. to make it. She also,gave me a demonstration on how to make it.
                               The garden is mostly fall foliage colors now.

                          We make a little trek down to the woods and the brook.
                                               It is very peaceful in here.
                   The ferns add interesting color in the autumn.
                                                    The hillside garden.

                                Hosta,Japanese Barberry and limelight hydrangea.
                                           Japanese Barberry up close and personnal. I love the bright red seeds..
            The fall blooming monkshood gives some late season color.
              The 'Burning Bush' or Euonymus alata "Compactus" is putting on a good show.
                              The virginia creeper on the chimney and side of the house is turning red here.
            Well, this pretty much ends our tour but you may wander around if you please.
This is where I like to spend my evenings with a cup of hot apple cider.

  Thank you to all who have joined me in a late season tour around our garden.

     I am joining French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday today

           Take care,


Susan said...

Hello Carolyn....What an absolutely charming tour. Loved every minute of it, including the hot cider overlooking the pond. Delightful! Thanks so much for sharing and taking us along on the tour. Susan

Judy Bigg said...

Such a beautiful tour. Wow, it would be such a pleasure to live here and enjoy such a serine feeling.

Shelia said...

Hi Carolyn! I wish I were in that group of tourists and I'm sure they loved they tour of your beautiful gardens. Your gardens are just so lovely no matter what season.
Hope you're doing well and be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Gorgeous loved the tour and your fabulous pictures too

Pamela Gordon said...

Carolyn, I really enjoyed this tour around your fall garden. The colours are so rich and vibrant. I guess I didn't realize that the tourists come on big busses! :) I imagine it must be one of the highlights of their trip to PEI! Pamela

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Barberry and Burning Bush are two of my faves! I just love the color of their foliage this time of year. What a wonderful experience to have visitors to your garden!

Dewena Callis said...

As always, every visit to your gardens and home leaves me astounded. The colors in the garden take my breath away. Sigh.......

podso said...

I'm sure this tour will linger in their minds long after your guests have returned home!

Bella said...

Hi Carolyn,
Well I have enjoyed this and every tour of your garden! Your fall show is beautiful... and your pondside fireplace would be an amazing place to spend an evening or two! We started having light frosts a couple weeks ago... and the rain has finially returned.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! Love this place! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

Anonymous said...

Carolyn I always love strolling through your lovely gardens any time of the year! Fall is so beautiful there- our fall is over within days it seems - the wind comes and blows all the loveliness off the trees.

bee blessed

Fiore said...

I didn't know your island until now. I know sooner or later I come to Canada, now there's a reason more.
Fiore from Italia.

Wollmolly said...

Hello Carolyn,
thank you for this wonderfull garden tour!!
Sabine from Germany

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carolyn, words cannot express how beautiful your gardens are. Do the Japanese act favorably impressed? What a joy it must be to sit by your lake and watch the fog lift..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Trudy Porva-inn said...

I love you're garden.When we moved from Holland to Hungary, we now also a huge garden and you give me a lot of inspiration.
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

greetings Trudy

IsabelC. said...

Wonderful colors and very very peaceful

iris said...

merveilleuses couleurs
et splendide jardin
heureux ceux qui peuvent
en profiter lors d' une visite
bonne journée
edith (France Normandie

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Very kind of that gentle woman to bring you a gift of tea and accoutrements, and show you how to make it - that is so polite and respectful. She has such a sweet look on her pretty face.

It's a shame they toured so late in the season,but even late your gardens are beautiful.

I will miss all your blooming colour until next spring - more than my own because my gardens are so bleh. I am such a newbie gardner. I have SO much more to learn before much happens with mine.

Cihan said...

sevgiler bahcemdennnnnnnn

Rowan said...

The autumn colours are really lovely - I'm sure that your visitors must have enjoyed their tour.

Cotton Peony said...

They had to be tickled pink with both the tours, weather and great hostess! What a wonderful treat they got!! Just so (as my grand-daughter would say) 'jello'.

But in my heart and soul, I am there too. I see the earthiness of the leaves and autumn, I heard the crunch of the cripy leaves and I can almost taste what you servered them too.

with love and I know you were soo busy over your tour to even think about posting, but you did it anyway.

Cotton Peony

Elzie said...

Your Japanese visitors must have loved their stay in your garden. It's beautiful no matter what time of the year.
Beautiful present you got there. And the womans kimono looks adorable.
Hope you have a great day.
Love Elzie

Rose Cantiero said...

Que passeio maravilhoso!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Your post has made me want to look at my gardens fall foliage different. In yours I saw the beauty of the colors, instead of just plants ready to hibernate.

Barbara Lilian said...

Your garden look lovely.It's true what the previous person Ann wrote. Someones elses garden in autumn when all the leaves have turned to their autumn colours or fallen, look better than in your own garden. It just seems like work having to clear it all up. Great photos.have a peep at my garden not open to the public for tours but admired by many visitors who come to holiday in our cottage during the summer.

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Carolyn, Your garden still looks lovely. I would love sitting by the pond in the evening. Today I cut back all the hosta as we have had a couple of very hard frosts.

Egretta Wells blog said...

Oh, so beautiful! Thanks for a grand online tour!

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

So very lovely, Carolyn.
Will you be posting a Christmas blog this year?
I certainly hope so!

Candylei said...

It looks beautiful in every season and I know your visitors were thrilled with your hospitality too! You always shower us with lots and lots of beautiful photographs. Love you for that <3

Little Miss Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely garden. It's so beautiful.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Absolutely beautiful... particularly that one photo on the dock, with the little firepit, the adirondack chairs, and cozy plaid throw. Heavenly! ♥

Debra @ Common Ground said...

just breathtaking, I love the colors in your wonderful Autumn garden!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Breathtaking, beautiful, and oh so serene, Carolyn! I can only imagine how impressed your visitors were with the beauty surrounding them as they walked your property. :)

xoxo laurie

Ioana said...

Thank you for the virtual tour, but I confess I do wish I were among your visitors in real life.
Maybe some day...

tibby said...

I couldn't be more jealous!! Your house is beyond beautiful & my guess is that it's just a reflection of you life. Married to your school sweetheart!! My boyfriend just left me after only four & a half years :-(. But I'm going stright to plant all the bulbs I asked him to.
God bless you all,

tibby said...

I couldn't be more jealous!! Your house is beyond beautiful & my guess is that it's just a reflection of you life. Married to your school sweetheart!! My boyfriend just left me after only four & a half years :-(. But I'm going stright to plant all the bulbs I asked him to.
God bless you all,

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