Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunny Autumn Respite


                         Come on into our garden and enjoy a quiet respite on this warm  sunny afternoon.

                  I have a comfortable chair for you with a cup of hot organic apple cider. Relax and enjoy a peek through a nice magazine or just enjoy the beauty of the falling leaves.

                  An old birdhouse on the post that a squirrel has taken up residence.

                                               Autumn garden scenes this past week.

   Hope you  enjoyed a quiet autumn respite among the beauty of nature.

Today, I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday and A Delightsome Life for A Return to Loveliness.

  I pray for safety of all in the path of Hurricane Sandy and for those who have already suffered loss and devastation. My heart goes out to all of you.

Take care,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Faded Glory

                                                                         Happy Weekend!
           Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.  I planted about 200 more bulbs in the garden today-mostly tulips. I am still hoping to get some more next week and get them in the ground right away.
  Anyway,as I was walking through the garden planning for spring, I thought I should capture some of the beauty of the faded glory going on in the garden right now. I sure do love the different seasons as there is always change and something beautiful going on.
              You may be getting tired of my late blooming Monkshood but I love how it gives color right through to November. The virginia creeper on the porch is turning into it's fall colors too.
                           This Elmira rose puts on a great show in Late autumn as well.
     Still lovin' my somewhat faded annebelle hydrangea. They started blooming the first part of July this year and they still have charm. Can't get much better then that!

            Spirea,lilac and limelight hydrangea with frosted hosta's around the tree.
                          I looked out the upstair window and wanted to capture the light from a sunny autumn day and also how rapidly things change as the maple tree was at it's peak for autumn color just last week and already it is getting bare.
                                  Soon we will be taking in the lighter statues and garden ornaments ,benches etc.
         Some people think I would be sad to see the garden season end but for me there is still lots of beauty in all the' faded glory" and I by the time the garden season is completely over I am already planning for the Christmas season which I also love. Also, love the beauty of the garden under a nice cover of fresh snow. and before I know it those newly planted tulips will be poking through giving lots of promise of the beauty to come.I must be getting old because the seasons seem to go by so quickly for me.
                              This old door doesn't actually open into our house  but when we did some renovations several years ago this entrance was changed and rather then  take it out and shingle-I thought it would be nice to leave it and just not have a walkway up-just call me crazy! . I think of this as my old English doorway with the vines growing around it.! On the other side of the door there is a closet. Makes perfect sense to me!!!

      Well , I hope you see the beauty of the faded glory too or maybe you live in a climate where the spring bulbs are just poking through- either way enjoy!

                                                                      Take care,


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Beauty


            I hope you are all enjoying these lovely Autumn days.   I have some Autumn beauty again, to share with you.  The house above is one I love in Charlottetown and it looks especially pretty in Autumn.
                                This is Beaconsfield in Charlottetown as well. At one time it was a nurse's residence but now it is a museum that is open to the public.
       A drive through the country one day last week made it hard to resist taking a few shots of some rual beauty.
                                                       Some Autumn vignettes from around home.
             The sun peaked out for awhile this afternoon so I captured a few shots in the garden.
             The virginia creeper is so pretty this year as we haven't had a really hard frost yet.
                                               These two cuties came down  for some Autumn shots on the weekend.

                                                        Love these colors!
        I am hoping this lovely Fall weather holds for awhile yet as we still have some outdoor projects to finish before the cold weather sets in.

Thank you for your visit,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Early Christmas Gift

                  A couple of days ago a trip to the mailbox caused some great excitement for me as I received the beautiful new Christmas book Sanselig Jul from Norway.

                               So I poured  myself a cup of tea in my new thrifty Christmas teacup and sat down to enjoy all the beautiful photos. I have always loved Christmas so this book is a real treasure.
          Partly because some of my photos are in this beautiful book. I was thrilled to be included in another of Franciska's books.
                                                           More of my photos.
  Also,happy that my friend Linda from Newfoundland was also featured. Linda has a beautiful blog-aptly named Beautiful Ideas.
      Sandy from My Shabby Steamside Studio also has her charming little cottage featured .Of course,there are many other blogs from Norway etc. featured -I do love the Nordic Style of decorating.
                                            Before we know it the  Christmas season will be here.

Now doesn't this make you start dreaming of a White Christmas???

Thank you so much Franciska for including me and sending me a  copy of this beautiful book full of  charming photos.If you would like a copy of this book visit Franciska's blog to order your own special copy.If you live in the Netherlands you can also buy this book here from It's Me.

Thank you for visiting and hope you have a great day!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Balcony Autumn Tea


                                   I am glad you stopped by as I am enjoying tea on the balcony today so I can enjoy the Autumn colors. The leaves are starting to fall now so it won't be much longer until the trees are bare.
    My tea today is Tetley Warmth cinnamon spice-nice for an Autumn day.
                                  My dessert is sticky date pudding with whipped cream and cinnamon. I usually make it with toffee sauce which I love but whipped cream is good on it also.If you would like my recipe just click here.

              I love this Wild Rose chintz tea set by Skye McGhie. It says autumn to me.

 It will soon be too cold for my afternoon tea outdoors but don't worry I can still enjoy my afternoon tea by the fireside.

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday and A Delightsome Life for a Return to Loveliness

Thank you for your visit!