Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Early Christmas Gift

                  A couple of days ago a trip to the mailbox caused some great excitement for me as I received the beautiful new Christmas book Sanselig Jul from Norway.

                               So I poured  myself a cup of tea in my new thrifty Christmas teacup and sat down to enjoy all the beautiful photos. I have always loved Christmas so this book is a real treasure.
          Partly because some of my photos are in this beautiful book. I was thrilled to be included in another of Franciska's books.
                                                           More of my photos.
  Also,happy that my friend Linda from Newfoundland was also featured. Linda has a beautiful blog-aptly named Beautiful Ideas.
      Sandy from My Shabby Steamside Studio also has her charming little cottage featured .Of course,there are many other blogs from Norway etc. featured -I do love the Nordic Style of decorating.
                                            Before we know it the  Christmas season will be here.

Now doesn't this make you start dreaming of a White Christmas???

Thank you so much Franciska for including me and sending me a  copy of this beautiful book full of  charming photos.If you would like a copy of this book visit Franciska's blog to order your own special copy.If you live in the Netherlands you can also buy this book here from It's Me.

Thank you for visiting and hope you have a great day!



Michele M./ Finch Rest said...


Oh my goodness, how awesome!

I just found goosebumps on my arms reading this post, so beautiful and special.

Kathie said...

A gorgeous book Carolyn!! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting! Congratulations! This makes me eager for Christmas.

:) Hope

Marilyn Miller said...

Now you have made my heart go pitter-patter. Gorgeous! I need to get this book to drool over.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Carolyn,
Beautiful very exciting for you, I am so thrilled for you Congratulations!
Sending hugs your way, Elizabeth

Bernideen said...

This is so wonderful Carolyn - your cottage looks so frosty and charming and this book is beautiful!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Congratulations Carolyn! Your feature in this beautiful book is just wonderful! Your photos are all so lovely. And before we know it, our little corner of the world here on the Island will look just like those in your pictures! Have a lovely day.


La Table De Nana said...

Well deserved..The pics are beautiful..

It's funny as I have on my Christmas to try list little trees in teacups w/ tiny pinecones I saw on Pinterest..and you have already done them!

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh, what a pretty book. Congratulations on being published again. Pamela

Elzie said...

I can understand that she wants your beautiful house in her book. Lovely pictures!
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

What a beautiful book! Such and honour for you and Linda to be featured. It makes the book extra special!

Have a lovely day. Enjoy reading :-)

Madelief x

It's me said...

The book arrived here today too....!!...and i love it !! looks great...glad we sell it in our from

Beth said...

Congratulations, Carolyn! Your home and garden (and your photography) are definitely publication-worthy. Gorgeous photos! I am not a fan of cold weather, however, there is a tranquil beauty in the snow.

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn,
Well, what a treat! How wonderful of sweet Franciska to feature our photos!!! It is, indeed, an honour and I am so appreciative as I know you must be, too. I cannot wait to get mine in my mailbox! It makes me tingly with excitement just thinking about it. :-) I've made several trips to the post in the last couple of days ever since you emailed me to let me know the good news. Lol Your winter photos are so truly lovely, as your photos are in every season. I am so looking forward to an evening with this book. It looks awesome! I have been away from my blog busy with FUNRaising these past months, as you know. I will resume blogging very soon - and what better way to begin again than with Franciska's inspiring "Sanselig jul". Dreaming tonight...
Love and hugs to you all and our beautiful friend Franciska in Norway,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Susan said...

Oh how wonderful, Carolyn. That looks like such a beautiful book! And you are in it! Oh my! Thanks for sharing and have a good Thursday. Susan


When I saw the first pic I thought..well, that looks so much like Carolyn is your cottage!
I love everything I see here!
You know I love your sense of Christmas!!



IsabelC. said...

It really does! What wonderful pictures!

domenica.60 said...

Your Post is a really Christmas daydream!
Thank you:)

WendyBee said...

Such lovely photos! Congratulations on your success.
Now I'm off to see the other blogs you mention!

Marilyn Miller said...

Just lovely and how special to be included in what looks like a beautiful book.


Fico feliz por você em participar de mais uma publicação. Vocé é merecedora. Vocé tem o dom de cativar as pessoas com sua bondade e carinho e sabe expressar isso em suas fotos e em suas decorações. É extremamente gratificante compartilhar disso. Visitei o blog de Linda e me emocionei com a forma que ela descreveu o passeio em sua casa, foi realmente tudo o que senti quando tive o prazer de estar aí. No Brasil estamos na primavera e o tempo realmente está fican quente, a temperaturajá tem chegado aos 30 graus.

Fique em paz.


Jan said...

Oh congratulations! I'm not surprised that your photography and home were featured ...I love those shots and the snow made me dash right out and buy new sweaters. Thanks for reminding us what is to come ...beautiful wintertime!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So beautiful! Congratulations! I love all the snow!

Unknown said...

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