Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Bliss

Hello everyone,
      It is a blissful winter day here on the Island  and I am sharing a few few shots of the pleasures we enjoy in

This year I have enjoyed skating several times on our new pond. I hadn't been skating for years but when we have a place to skate so close to home I wanted to take advantage of it. I love getting some fresh air and exercise in such an enjoyable way.
My husband and I love to walk in our small woods whenever we can also. My husband had the camera on this occasion. I would much rather be behind the camera then in front of it but once in awhile I have to share it.
The brook above the photo of me is also a part of our woods.It is a very peaceful spot!
Our winter garden and our neighbors red house.
Some of our family enjoying a blissful winter skate.

Robins in our Winter Garden!

I was delighted to see at least a dozen robins in our garden yesterday,fluttering from shrub to shrub eating berries.These two were eating the berries from the windowboxes and urn on the veranda.It has been a few months since we have had robins in the garden as many go south for the winter so the first sighting of them here on the Island is considered the first sign of Spring!So,folks it looks like an early Spring for us-but please don't hold me to it and in the mean time enjoy Winter!!!

My friend Linda, at Beautiful Ideas has made a lovely video of some the tea parties from my blog so if you have time pop in and check it out and say hello for me while you are there! Just click on the blue link in Linda's post to see the video.

I am joining Little Red House for Mosaic Monday today.

I really hope that you too are enjoying a Blissful Winter day!

Take care,


Pamela Gordon said...

Carolyn, these photos are beautiful. How nice to get out skating in the fresh air with your family! A neighbour near me took photos of a robin in his yard on the weekend too! I love the thought of an early spring. Enjoy the week! Pamela

Clementina said...

bellissimo post!!

erin said...

you live in a winter heaven!! here in tennessee, we have had NO SNOW and the daffs are blooming early. your photos are gorgeous and make me long for winter recreation, especially skating!

Het lijstje van brocante said...

Hi Carolyn,
What a beautiful pictures, well here it is very cold, minus 20 degrees.
So when we get a lot of skating, and maybe end of the week Elfstedentocht that there are fifteen thousand people an ice skating trip, they come along than eleven cities in Friesland.
But all hope this can take place, the last was in 1997.
Fingers crossed.
Have a nice evening, I look forward to your new post.

bleudelavandou said...

So beautiful there...I like very much your blog.

Here in Belgium we have also snow and minus 14 degrees.
And with our Dutch friends we are waiting for the "Elfstedentocht"maybe this weekend.

Have a nice week....


Priscilla said...

What a wonderful post.

Aledia said...

Such Fabulous Photos! I actually felt like I was right there skating along with you... I have seen a few Robins out here as well.

Thank You for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Riet said...

Beautiful photo's of beautiful winter wonderland. And so nice you go skating, Is that your Dutch heritage? Here in Holland everybody is full of skating and guessing if we will have our 200 kilometers skating race. The ice must be at least 15 cm deep to be able to have 15000 people skate on it during the day.

Elzie said...

We too have winter here with some snow and very, very cold days. Right now it's under 0F and that's far too cold for my taste.
Looks nice with you skating. I haven't been skating for so many years I guess I could need some protection both on the front and back, lol.
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Kaya said...

Beautiful pictures. Nice place. I have the same old white skates and still are in action. I love scating. :)

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

Andrew made some beautiful photo's of you on the ice and in the woods! What an amazing garden you have your own stream :-)!

Jan and the girls have been skating too. I think I will try in the course of the week.

Hope you will be right about the early spring. I have seen robbins in my garden as well.

Happy new week!

Madelief x

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

OH such wonderful winter pictures!

Love love love them!!!

I think I would break my ankle if I tried skating again, it's been a lifetime. What great family time and excercise for you all!

I squealed with the robin pics - that is a sure sign- funny you are SO much more north than I here, we aren't showing robins yet. Hopoe it doesn't too cold for them. They are such awesome birds.

And you know I love birds!

GREAT post, Carolyn!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Such wonderful pictures, Carolyn! Heather and I were saying yesterday what a magical spot you have to live in! Love the robins too!
The pictures of Lila in your previous post are just adorable as well. Love her little hat and tutu!
Pink tutus and little girls just go together, don't they!


sabrymagic said...

Che spettacolo!!
Baci dall'Italia

lavendel mio said...

Beautiful pictures!
It's so fun to skate :)
I and my five boys love to skate :)
Wish you a wonderful week,hug Hanne

Kim, USA said...

Wow the view is very beautiful!

What A Sky

Marjon said...

Hello Carolyn, your Pictures are really wonderful, i like the winterwonderland.
greetings from a cold Holland....Marjon

Anne said...

Dear Carolyn...such BEAUTIFUL photos!...I would love to have just a LITTLE snow before spring!

All Things Chic 2 said...

Hi Carolyn
I love the pics that you take out doors...They are lovely...I have my blog now I hope you can check it out...I'm the girl from Ch'Town that was going to go in the Christmas house tours...I would love to talk sometime there are a few things I really need help with , reguarding my blog... Blessings Lori!

La Table De Nana said... whole scroll with you and yours~

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your husband does pretty well behind the camera, Carolyn! : ) I love the mosaics you put together. Such beautiful woods you have to walk in.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Oh what beautiful photos all so pretty, we do not have such weather here in winter and I have only been to the snow once but would love to go again.....

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn
At least with your own pond to skate on there won't be anyone other than family to see you fall. When I started skating again a couple of years ago, it was at the local arena and I was thankful for the boards around the perimeter to hold on to.
Your property has so many special places year round.

Heaven's Walk said...

Well, your sweet husband takes fabulous photos, too, Carolyn! What an amazing winter wonderland you're living in right now. We have no snow on the ground right now and it's been 40-45 degrees for the past two weeks. Hopefully spring will come early for us this year. You are gorgeous on your skates, my friend! Hugs!

xoxo laurie

Linda said...

Hey Carolyn,
Midge says you are looking very young! :-) He insisted that I mention we have very similar faux fur blankey, 'sweater pillow' and vanilla mittens (his mom made mine). He always looks for the things we have in common, like an "I Spy" game. Just sayin' Haha
Beautiful post BTW.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

June said...

This looks so fun!!!! How wonderful to be able to go out your door and be able to skate. I loved these photos of you skating. If it were me, they would be photos of me on my rear end:)
I loved this!!!

Rowan said...

It all looks so beautiful and tranquil, you are lucky to have the woods to walk in.

Sanna said...

Hi Carolyn,

We are having cold weather, about 8-14C during the day but a very thin layer of snow. I love your winter photos and enjoy seeing you on the ice!

Have a nice day,

Marias Hörna - Njut av livet ♥ said...

I just got out the pictures I have in my post came from you. Have found them via Facebook. I got the information from Sanna with the blogg My Blueberry House.
And you have a great blog. Hugs Maria

Passionate for White said...

Makes me actually welcome Winter!!

MariCrea said...

Gorgeous winter collage
Have a nice day


Meu estado (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil) é muito quente e neve só conheço através dos filmes, é muito lindo. Fico encantada em imaginar as flores brotando depois de acabar a temporada de inverno. Deus é perfeito em sua criação. Sei que também há muito trabalho para fazer do seu jardim aquele paraíso, é fantástico acompanhar a transformação da natureza através do seu blog.
Acompanhei o vídeo e adorei a seleção de fotos.

Uma boa semana.


Deborah said...

Beyond gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing these amazing photos of your beautiful them all!
You ahve such an eye for beauty Carolyn!

Deborah xoxo

Mary Howell Cromer said...

These are STUNNING, just full of such beauty and so very wonderful to see you enjoying the ice and the snow and all things beautiful, along with family~

Donna D said...

Beautiful pictures! It's like looking at a lovely old issue of Victoria! Thank you so much for sharing.


Carol said...

Oh, Carolyn, I am so glad I scrolled back and found this post!! I so was looking forward to seeing your new pond in winter. What a treat to see you skating!!! Your colors blend so beautiful with the landscape. I have Robins in the crabapple orchard . . . it is fun to see them all devouring the tiny apples. Lovely photos!!! Here is to an early spring! Carol

Georgianna said...

Dear Carolyn, I don't know where to begin! So much in this post that is, as you say, bliss and delight! You make winter magical and fabulous. And the robins! They are so welcome at this time, aren't they? Ours are with us all year but they only began singing a bit this week. – g

Katy Noelle said...

Oh, deary me! I've been negligent in commenting (although, coming and peeking a lot ;)) and, now, I can't just leave it alone. I just have to tell you that the post with the brown transferware just melted me - I LOVE brown transferware and pretty dresses like that and the way you've put it all together and THEN you ended with that irresistible looking book. A lovely post.

Then, it was fun to see you skating - rejoicing in the snow and winter. It's nice, in February, to be reminded that this is a winter wonderland. It was extra fun to see because I'd just been looking through an old issue of Victoria that had a photo shoot with a bunch of young girls - skating outdoors on a pond with darling skirts (most of them plaid) - stockings - cable knit sweaters. I don't skate - just look on with admiration and enjoyment. but, In the oddest way it reminded me that, even though it feels like spring is here early - then it's gone - then it's back - I don't want to miss winter. I mean, we haven't built a snowman, yet. I almost forgot. =]