Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Cookie Exchange

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to show you the cookies from our annual cookie exchange. This year there were eleven of us involved.

I made eleven dozen of these swedish butter balls

and wrapped a dozen and put them in these cute little bags

and then exchanged them for these.

It is a great way to get a variety of cookies for Christmas.

It is fun to see how everyone wraps them


we may as well have a cup of tea and help yourself to a cookie or two

My daughter made these ginger cookies-I tried a couple and they are good!

Oh! aren't these pretty?

Who knew I could play with cookies!

Well ,that was our cookie exchange for this year.

Thanks for visiting,



Anonymous said...

Oh! Carolyn, my mouth is watering! I have never been part of a cookie exchange but it looks like alot of fun and alot of calories! LOL :)
Thank you for sharing with us...if only the computer screen was scratch and sniff...xx

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, what a great idea!!They all look so good, what temptations!
You are lucky as you don't have to watch your weight, just looking at them has made me heavier!! Enjoy them, I am sure you will be sharing them with your gorgeous grand children. Jackie.

FEDERICA said...

How fun! They all look deliciuous!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh Caroyln.. those sugar snowmen are just adorable and delish looking.. I can only hope you've got a recipe there my dear!

I would have loved to be a fly on your wall yesterday.. oh heck forget the fly, I'd rather have been there! Loved the photos my dear.

podso said...

Dee-lightful! You should have plenty of cookies for the coming weeks.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I think Christmas cookies are the prettiest of all! So many different shapes with glittered sugar on them. Almost too pretty to eat, although I would not hesitate to try one. Your Swedish Butter Balls are especially tempting! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


Madelief said...

Hi Carolyn,

What a good idea to do a cookie exchange! The cookies look so pretty! You must have been baking for hours making eleven dozens of Swedish balls yourself?!!!! However, the reward you get is wonderful. If I had lived in your neighbourhood I would have loved to take part in the exchange as well!

Bon Appetit!

Lieve groet, Madelief

GwendolynKay said...

Hmmmmmm.... I can just taste them all! My mother used to do cookie exchanges with her friends. What a loot we would have. She would put them in the deep freeze and tell us not to eat them, they were for Christmas. I could not resist! I did get "chewed out" for sneaking them. How could I resist though?! Blessings today!

sweetbay said...

I love the snowmen with the sprig of holly in their hats!

Heather said...

Yummy!! I love cookie exchanges! The are so much fun!!

Love, Heather

Beverly said...

Carolyn, you're tempting me with all of these pretty cookies. I would love a cookie exchange.

Everything looks so beautiful at your home. The snow created a wonderland.

I've missed you for Pink Saturday.

Martha said...

Christmas cookies are fun -- I'm hoping to make some Christmas trees this afternoon. I've never done a cookie exchange but perhaps next year I'll have to organize one!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Carolyn....My cookie exchange is coming up on the 20th...I am making your Swedish Butter Ball recipe. Who knew cookies could be so photogenic! Yours look too good to eat!~Patti

Anonymous said...

Mmm, yum yummy. Glad you are able to exchange and get yourselves a nice variety. Rosie said...

Oh how fun!!! And they are so pretty and look delicious. They wouldn't last a week in my house...not that I would be the one sneaking one:)
Blog: The Capers of the Vintage Vixens

Unknown said...

Carolyn, what a great idea. Mmmm, super!
Lieve groet, Marja

Naturegirl said...

I love cookie exchanges! I've attended only one in my lifetime..It sure is a lot of fun..I love those white and blues on your cookie plate!

Heather said...

Swedish Butter Balls?! I want that recipe!
~ Heather, joyful spirit photography

Deanna said...

Carolyn, blessings to you!
Really appreciate seeing your neat ideas and the cookies are great.
I wish I had some cookies to exchange for your pretty ones!

Merry Christmas,

Unknown said...

Oh Carolyn! What a beautiful cookie exchange. I loved seeing all the beautiful creations. Perfection!