Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas in the Sunroom

Today I did a little decorating in our small sunroom-I took the geraniums down to the basement and gave the room a scrubbing. I have an old artificial tree that I got at a thrift shop a few years ago and I put some mini lights on it and a few 'gifts' under it.

Of course,we can have tea in the sunroom!

My son gave me these cute teddy bears a few years ago.

This little sunroom is off our bath and bedroom.

I love the glow of candlelight.

Tomorrow,I will put the finishing touches in our sunroom but I wanted to take a few pictures before darkness fell so I could share them with you.

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Dining Delight said...

How serene and inviting your sunroom looks! You have decorated it beautifully. I enjoy looking at all your pics of the decorating you have done in your home...and would love to sit and have a cuppa tea in any of your cozy rooms!


hummer said...

Every time I come by to visit your blog you have the most inviting posts. Since my ancestors come from PEI, I have always wanted to visit there. Your posts just make the urge stronger.
Thank you for sharing.

Chari said...

Hi Carolyn...

My friend, your sunroom just looks fabulous in its new Christmas dress!!! What a sweet room! Your tree looks beautiful and I couldn't help but look past it...out through the windows at the winter wonderland! You couldn't have chosen a prettier or more perfect background for the tree, my friend! I also was admiring all of your beautiful little church sweet! They make a lovely Christmas vignette!!!

Ohhh yes...I would love to have a cup of tea while I'm here! I could sit for hours in this lovely room and be very content!!! What a lovely home you have, Carolyn...thank you for sharing some of your Christmas pretties with us!!!

Warmest wishes and Christmas blessings to you and your family, my friend!

Chari @Happy To Design

Martha said...

What a delight your sunroom is -- we have one off our bedroom as well and it is a wonderful place! Yours looks very serene and what a perfect place for that tree!

Anonymous said...

I think your sunroom is my favorite place to visit when I come over. It is always so warm and inviting!


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Such a lovely little retreat from the rest of the house; love the coziness of it. Love the red teapot and teacups too! Enjoy your day.

Chrsitmas blessings,

Heather said...


It is beautiful!!! I really love your birdhouses!!

Love, Heather

Sage said...

Love your sunroom with all your decor; looks perfect and cozy. We are going through a deep freeze after the snow storm yesterday; probably going your way.Keep warm.


A lovely room, the bears look like they are enjoying it. Is that snow I see out the window. brrr. we are having a snow storm as I type. Blessings!

sweet bay said...

How beautiful! Your sunroom looks even more warm and cozy with the winter wonderland outside.

Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

Beautiful just doesn't seem to capture the feeling that the room gives. You're taste is perfection.

June said...

Carolyn, I think the room would be an awesome place to sit and enjoy the snow swirling around outside. It's lovely!

Erica said...

Everytime I visit your Blog I can't get enough of it. It is so peaceful and cozy...... Just perfect. I would love to sit and have a cuppa of tea in your home anywhere. Enjoy your day!

Cori said...

Oh how magical! Love everything in this special space, especially the birdhouses. Wish I could sit there with a cup of warm tea right now : )

Madelief said...

Hi Carolyn,

How nice to have this beautiful sunroom out of your bedroom. It must be a lovely place to relax or to sit. Even when you can't sleep at night. It looks very warm and 'gezellig' with the faded windows and the snow outside. Wish you a happy day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Your pictures look like they are right out of Victoria magazine. I love your sunroom.

Anonymous said...

It looks so cozy and warm with the cold window view in sight. Lovely. Rosie

Anonymous said...

Carolyn.. you just gave me a great idea on a bird house.. lit by mini lights of course! I love this idea.. and of course the sunroom is perfect as usual.

I can see 'Anne' of green gables having a wonderful tea there and then promptly putting her foot in her mouth afterwards or during. heehee.

Marshmallow kisses


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Carolyn....How beautiful! All the snow and cold weather outside and your sun room looks cozy and warm! How nice that it is off your bed and bath!~Patti