Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fall Tea

The weather has been beautiful here with lots of sunshine but it definitely has that fall tinge to the air and the evenings are cooler and shorter. So, I have been getting into a more fall like mode. So today I used my chintz tea set that has the colors of autumn.

Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and the latest issue of Victoria.

I made a treat for you- it is Sticky Date Pudding with toffee sauce and a dollop of whip cream.

The sun is shining in giving a cozy golden glow to the room.

I bought a few pieces of this chintz tea set a few years ago.

they are sitting on a handmade lace tablecloth that I bought at an antique shop.

These are some dalhia's I picked from our garden.

This old pitcher was a nice find on a trip to Maine-it matches the wallpaper and the dalhia!

Take your time and enjoy a fall tea with me and if you would like more sticky date pudding there is lots more and I need some help with it as it is a big temptation to me!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are enjoying these beautiful fall days too.



Deanna said...

Dearest Carolyn,
This is just as lovely as it can be!!!
Would love to sample your pudding dessert along with a favorite tea sipped from this gorgeous tea cup while sitting in your garden or dining area.
Fall is in the air and I think we're in for a early Autumn.
Best wishes and God Bless,

Madeline said...

hmmm can you post the recipe for that delicious looking date pudding with toffee sauce and whip cream?

maría cecilia said...

Carolyn, you definitely are a Master... how lovely the setting and the pudding and the chintz china, and the light...well and the "mantel" you bought some years ago. You are an inspiration to me and I really have to improve my images.
Thank you
María Cecilia

Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

Sitting here looking at your photos and dreaming of having tea with you is like being in a fairy tale.

Everything is so delightful.

You put the most amazing items together and everything is just so soothing.

The dessert looks amazing. I'd help, but I can't. I'm under strict diet restrictions. Which I've chosen to call life changes.

But, I'd be content to sip tea and chat.

Chari said...

Hello Carolyn...

What a lovely tea the pretty autumn colors! My friend, wherever do you find all of your beautiful china? I don't recall seeing this chintz tea set before...what a treat! Love that pretty pitcher...and you're right, it does match your wallpaper! After seeing the pitcher...I just had to go back to the first photo and look at your wallpaper! Hehe! The dahlias...gorgeous!!! Ohhh...I have never heard of sticky date pudding but it sounds divine...especially with a toffee sauce over the top! Maybe you'll include the recipe in a post? I would love to have it!!!

Well Darlin'...coming to your fabulous home is always such a treat!!!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!

kclily said...

Oh, I feel so warm and cozy after reading your post. I must get out my chintz teapot and make some tea (even if it is 90+ degrees here). I would love to have that recipe. Thank you for sharing your home.

Paula said...



I am coming right over! What a beautiful vignette for tea. That date pudding look delicious. Thanks for sharing.


blushing rose said...

What are the marks on the bottom of your tea set, very pretty. Move over, there won't be any date pudding left when I'm done ... chuckle. Have a great eve! TTFN ~Marydon

nannykim said...

Refreshingly beautiful. Love the lace curtain in the backgound too. Nice tea set and love the vase. Fall is in the air here in SC and I am lovin it!

My tablescape is here:

June said...

Carolyn, I certainly was craving beauty that only you can create tonight. I love the fall tone of this post. It almost makes me hope for it.

Mumzie said...

Absolutely charming! Looking forward to Autumn myself, and that tea and pudding look very tempting. Mumzie

Anonymous said...

I am an afternoon tea person and I definitely love to have tea with you in such a wonderful place with all your beautiful china. The colour of your dahlia is gorgeous.Jackie.

Riet said...

Your pictures are gorgeous and so is your teaservice and your whole setting. Have a nice day

Cindy said...

I love your chintz tea set, it is very lovely, as is everything else you do. Hugs, Cindy S.

Helen said...

It's so peaceful and harmonious to visit your charming blog. Merci beaucoup Carolyn. Hélène Flont

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Carolyn,
How lovely your chintz teacup is! I love chintz, as you know. I've been wanting Sticky Date pudding for quite some time; never did get any yet. I did get the red tray from the hospital gift shop. That was one positive thing about visiting my mother in there all summer, I got to go in every day and see the treasures they had in there! Nice to get over to Moncton on a shopping spree with the girls. Can't wait to see what you found! If you are available early this evening, I will try to get out for some hydrangeas. It's been a very busy week! Have a lovely day.


Madelief said...

Hi Carolyn,

You have shown us some beautiful pictures again. I enjoy looking at the beautiful china you have. The sticky date pudding looks delicious! You wrote that your mother is Dutch. That means that you are half Dutch. Lucky you! I do not recoqnise the place your mother came from but it looks a bit like 'Groningen'. It's a beautiful old city. You wrote she came to Prince Edward Island after the war, does it mean that your father helped to liberate our country? Have a lovely day!

groetjes van Madelief

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Yum! That looks delicious and your fall tea looks so tempting!~Patti

Shelia said...

Oh, Carolyn! How lovely! Your tea cup is so pretty and the pudding - oh, how delicious looking!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Rhondi said...

Hi Carolyn
Thank you for the wonderful cup of tea. I really enjoyed it while I admired your beautiful china.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Everything is so beautiful. Have a great day.


Carolyn said...

Hi Madelief,

Yes I am proud to say my Dad did help to liberate Holland. Yes,it was Grogingen that my Mom grew up and I am also proud to be half Dutch!

Thank you for your visit,


Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Oh Carolyn, I can forget all about Victoria Magazine when I come to visit your blog! (And that's saying a lot, because I love Victoria.)

So utterly charming! That is a beautiful tea set, and look at you! The perfect shade of dahlias to complement and accentuate it all.

Your photographs are breathtaking as always. I know you live a fairytale life, I just know it! Thank you for sharing it with those lucky enough to have found your jewel of a blog.

xo ~ m

rosabeer said...

What a beautiful tea-set and that pudding looks great
Have a great day.


Brenda said...

I think you must surely have the coziest house I've ever seen!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Carolyn, I will definitely help you out with the pudding! :-) It looks and sound so yummy! You are so right about the pitcher matching your neat is that! Love the beautiful always find such wonderful treasures! You know, I've never been to Maine...I really need to get up that direction. Did you link this to TT? This is a perfect tablescape post! :-) I just saw your comment over at Deanna and thought I'd stop by this evening. :-) Susan