Friday, April 19, 2024

Relax and Enjoy

Hello everyone,

Spring is moving along here as the
garden is already giving us some
pretty blooms.
I will share some photos of it soon
but in the meantime lets relax
and enjoy some beauty.
Looking forward to dining outdoors again soon!
Picnic days are so relaxing!

Love hammock time on a sunny summer day.

The chaise in our sunroom is a good
place to enjoy tea time in early spring.

Spring time tea.

On a hot summer day the screened porch
is a good place to relax and enjoy
looking out over the garden.

Going green! I still love old wicker
in the garden....don't you?

                                                   Love being surrounded by flowers.
                                               Hope to be back with some new pics
                                                             Thank you for visiting!

1 comment:

Bernideen said...

These are all reminders of what is yet to come on your lovely property!