Monday, January 30, 2023

Hammock Days

Hello everyone,

I am back today with a hammock theme.

I love winter shots of our hammock
as much as the summer ones.

I am not sure about you.....maybe you
only enjoy summer hammocks.

                                                          A snowy winter day

A touch of red 

An early morning shot with a mist
on the pond.

A vintage quilt to add color to
the hammock.

An early autumn day

A good place to enjoy the beauty
of the garden.

                                      A shady spot to enjoy a book and a cool drink.

Summer days by the sea.

Well, that is all my hammock shots for today.

Thank you for visiting,



Bernideen said...

This sure brought back a flood of hammock memories. When I was about 10 my Mom remarried and we moved to a little house close by. The people across the street in an old house were elderly Quakers and had a porch with a hammock. I spent hours lying in their hammock singing every Sunday School song I knew! Your hammock photos are much more beautiful than their's and certainly stirred a memory.

FabricDiva54 said...

Carolyn, such beautiful pictures, even the winter pictures. My favorite is the summer hammock with all the purple flowers. Thank you for your post and for the reminder to enjoy the season we are in now.

Latane Barton said...

I love seeing a hammock but have never been in one! I'd probably flip right out on my 'keezer'.

Unknown said...

Your photos are exquisite & impart a sense of peaceful contentment. Thank you so very much for sharing! :)