Friday, September 3, 2021

A Touch of the Blues

Hello everyone,

As some of you probably know
I am a fan of blue and white so
that is my theme for today.

   A chintz tea set with blue hydrangeas
     in a flow blue pitcher that belonged to
my grandparents.

A closer look at my flow blue
pictures that were a wedding
gift to my grandparents.

A little bit of  Dutch with an
antique blue and white pitcher.

Some blue and white thrift finds.

I love this pretty blue and white

A  corner in our cottage....good
for curling up with a book.

    We have had this chaise for several
       years. I recovered the cushions recently
       but would love to paint the chaise white.
       Does anyone have any suggestions on the
           best way to paint this so that it doesn't chip?
            The arms on it are especially shiny so I think
                   they will need some sanding and then I wondered
            about using chalk paint on it.....unless anyone
has a better idea?

Summer hammock blues

Lunch time bluesM

       My thoughts and prayers are with all who
suffered such loss and devastation from
Hurricane Ida. I can't imagine all the
destruction and sadly even loss of life.
Also for those in western Canada and
the western parts of U.S who are also
suffering such damage and loss from

Take good care and thanks
for visiting.




Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Carolyn,
Blue and White is always a lovely combination!
Can't help you in solving your painting questions... sorry.
Enjoy the winding down of summer.

firefly819 said...

I own and sell lots of white wicker here in Michigan. Do not use chalk paint. It will not hold up well. I use KILZ primer in a spray paint for the initial coverage. Then I use Rustoleum satin white spray paint. I bought very dark brown wicker and had great success painting it white. I did lightly sand a shiny green wicker piece before applying the primer and paint. I normally repaint my wicker about every five years. I do not like to spray more often than that because the build up of paint ruins the texture of the wicker.

Gillyflower said...

Beautiful pictures of a stunning place and gorgeous things! Regarding painting wicker furniture. It needs to be cleaned with sugar soap (we call it this in UK). This cleans and often reduces the shiny finish. Then some sanding is needed, to give it a surface that the paint will adhere to. Then paint with chalk paint - usually requires 2 to 3 coats. Then, if required, it can be finished with either wax or a finishing coat. Depending what sort of finish you prefer. Hope this helps, Gilly (UK)

Lisa D. said...

Sublime! Thanks, Carolyn.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh so pretty flowers

Bobbie said...

I never take the time to tell you how much joy your posts bring me. I look forward to them and the peace and happiness they bring! Thank you so much! Also I think painting your chair with chalk paint is the way to go. I hear that it covers everything and doesn’t need prior prep. Check out Annie Sloans website. Have a beautiful weekend!

bozenas said...

Też jestem fanką niebiesko-białej porcelany:)Kocham klimat Twojego bloga:))

My Cozy Corner said...

hi Carolyn,
You always bring joy to my heart with your beautiful photography. I have some wicker I want to paint and I love the suggestions you received in the comments. Thank you for your prayers regarding the wildfires. We have been in the smoke all summer long. The loss to our forests and the homes are awful.
Prayers are appreciated.

Carolyn said...

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for taking the time to give me advise
on painting my all I need is the courage to do it!

Have a great day,

Marilyn Miller said...

As always, so pretty!

ajz said...

Hi! Your photography is beautiful. I was wondering if you sell your photos anywhere? I love some you took awhile ago in Charleston and would like to have two prints made to hang in my house. If you could email me with any information I would really appreciate it!

Thank you,

Carolyn said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you! I am happy you liked my Charleston photos. Can you email me at so I can help you with that.
Take care,