Friday, June 11, 2021

Apple Blossom Time

Hello again,

It is such a beautiful time of the
year here and there is so much
to enjoy here in the garden
that I have forgotten already
the hours we spent pulling
weeds etc. as we enjoy
the beauty of spring.

These photos were taken about
a week ago so already
everything has changed.

This is a weeping crab apple tree.

I love  this white  with hints of pink crab
apple tree.

There are two crabapple trees in
bloom near the Boathouse and
a Sensation lilac as well.

The crab apple tree on the right and
a  yellow bird magnolia on the
left  whichis in bloom now.
The crab apple trees are alrady
past their bloom time now.

You can see the crab apple from
the window seat in the Boathouse.

I did another photo shoot this
morning in our little
secret garden with the
Deutiza's in bloom.....
hope to share them soon.

Oh and yes Barbara it is  lupin season
here on the Island and they are probably
at their peak right pretty!

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Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What a lovely lot of photos

Lisa D. said...

Just lovely. I adore that red and white bed pillow with the white pom pom trim.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful. My daughters and I are new residents to the island and *love* gardening. It would be a dream come true to walk through your garden. Are you doing garden tours this year to islanders?

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh so pretty! I LOVE the weeping crab apple tree with the soft white and pinks. I've always wanted one. Our regular crab apple bloomed weeks ago and is done now. It was just gorgeous.. but for such a short time. Darn. Your property is looking wonderful as usual! I love the view out your boathouse window.... everything inside matches what's outside! xox Marilyn

Carolyn said...

Hi Gigi
Welcome to the Island! Please send me an email at

Thilda said...

I am eating your photos with my eyes! <3 <3

Laura Jeanne said...

What an amazing crab apple tree...the colour is so delicate and beautiful. What a heaven on earth you have created. :)