Saturday, July 11, 2020

Golden Yellow Peonies

                                                          Hello everyone,

                                                 I hope you are enjoying a lovely
                                                 weekend. We are having  some
                                                beautiful summer weather here
                                                so we took some time to relax
                                                and enjoy it.



I wanted to share some photos
of some new Itoh peonies that
have just finished blooming
in our garden.
This one is called Bartzella.

I bought these peonies here
locally from Vesey's Seeds.

They are a bit unusual and
definitely add a pretty pop
of color in the garden or
in a bouquet.

I bought a few of them when
they were on sale.

Just a little bit of peacefulness
from Ocean Song Cottage on
a perfect summer day.

Thank you for your visit and
I hope you have a beautiful  day!


Monday, July 6, 2020

Pretty Pink Peonies

            Hello everyone,

               I hope you are all doing well.

         I am sorry that time got  from
                        me once again and it has been a month
since I posted .     

           Summer always seems to go
               so quickly and there is so much
to do.

            We have had  very dry June which
           was great for cottage/beach days
          but not so much for gardens and
               crops but we did get a couple of
rainy days lately .

          Anyway ,peony season is here
       and I have enjoyed picking
bouquets for indoors.



A little bouquet at Eventide Cottage.

These peonies are Sarah Bernhart and
it will always be one of my favorites.

A shot from last year of  Do Tell
peonies....another favorite.

                                                                       Love this little gift bag!

                                                                     I also love aqua and pink together.

                                                                              Tea time

                                                          I have lots more photos to share when
                                                          time allows.
                                                          This week we have family staying at
                                                         Eventide Cottage which is always fun.

                                                         I guess I should mention that to those
                                                          of you who expressed an interest in
                                                          staying at Eventide Cottage this summer
                                                          it will still be available  if travel is allowed.
                                                          Because of covid 19 it was not listed on
                                                          Air B&B as planned but hopefully more
                                                          of the country will  be able to safely open
                                                          up soon. As of last Friday we can travel to
                                                          other Atlantic provinces but not the rest
                                                           of Canada yet. The border between Canada
                                                          and the US will likely remain closed for awhile.
                                                           So, to all of you who expressed an interest in
                                                           renting Eventide Cottage hopefully someday soon!

                                                           I hope things are going well in your area and
                                                           you all remain safe.

                                                                                    Take care,