Friday, May 29, 2020

Coastal Tablescape

Hello everyone,

We are having beautiful summer
weather changed so
quickly from cold to hot this

So we have been enjoying some
time at the cottage lately.

I got these pretty dishes at Ikea a
few months ago and I love their
coastal flare with tiny sailboats
on them and the blue and creamy
white was perfect for our cottage.

A starfish adds a coastal look
as well. When we walk on the
beach here we often see little
starfish at low tide.

        Our table set for two.....the teaset
            was a lucky find at the 70 mile yard
sale a few years ago.

I enjoy the view as we have
our meals.

                                                      Thank you for stopping by and
                                                                  I hope you have a wonderful

                                                                                      Take care,


Monday, May 25, 2020

Victoria ~ Flowers & Gardens

     Hello everyone,

   I hope you are doing well.
       Here,on the Island everything
     is becoming lush and green.
      Our garden has lots of color
        as the tulips and daffodils and
                 other spring bulbs are all blooming
                    now. All the birds have been singing
              away as they have built their nests
        and are caring for their  young.

          I was excited to receive a copy of
      Victoria's  Flowers & Gardens 
   magazine in our mailbox last
    week as our garden is featured

I enjoyed curling up with a cup
of tea and enjoying all the beautiful
It is on shelves now so you
can pick up a copy to enjoy.

Our tulips are blooming now
so I am happy to enjoy them
in the garden but also in bouquets.

We spent some time at Ocean Song
cottage lately where we had no internet
so I wasn't able to post  but did
enjoy walks on the beach and
reading my books in the
evenings. Sometimes
that is just what we need.


Thank you for stopping in and I hope
you have a great week!

Take care,

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Spring Tea in the Garden

Happy weekend!

It is a long weekend end here
and good things are happening!
The garden centers have opened
up so it is nice to finally wander
around and see all that color again.
Also, we finished giving all our
garden beds a good clean up and
a bit of a refresh....dividing and
moving things around a bit.

The weather has improved and
things are starting to bloom.

We had a little accident with the
big mirror behind the cement
statue as the wind broke the
fence loose causing our big mirror
that we enjoyed for years to shatter.
So, we had to come up with a replacement.
I had this mirror on the porch so with
a pair of old shutters it now fills the spot.

Color starting in the garden.
We  have hundreds of daffodils
in bloom now.

I gave my old watering can
a refresh with some paint
and a few daffys.

We filled several pots with
daffodils this year. I like
how I can move them around
the garden.

Finally, it is time for tea in
the garden using my blue
and white transferware china.

I always enjoy tea in the spring here
as it is a sheltered spot and  it fills
in nicely in here. The magnolia is
just starting to bloom so I will
share this area again soon.

I hope you enjoy your weekend

Take care,


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Gardener's Tea

Good morning,

It is another cloudy cool day
here so I staying indoors for
a bit as I wait for the weather
to improve .
I don't usually mind working
in the garden on cool days as
I like to get the garden chores
done before the heat arrives.

However, today I am going to
linger over my tea and reflect
on the garden for awhile.
The teacup is Florence by
Skie Mc khie.

We have done a lot of  digging out of
weeds or even perennials that seem
to want to take over the beds.
I have to admit that we did neglect
the garden somewhat last year
as we enjoyed cottage life.
However, we are back on track now
and I am looking forward to seeing
the improvements we have made.

Love having our geraniums on
windowsills around the house
but as soon as our night time
temperatures warm up they
will go back outdoors for the

I think I see some breaks in the clouds
so I will go back out to the garden and
clean up a few more beds. I think they
should all be cleaned up by the end of
the week and then we can go back
to the first ones we did and give
them a refresh. Soon the beds will
be filled in and looking good!
The garden is the perfect distraction
from all that is going on in the world
and I do enjoy being out there again!
At the end of the day I am tired but
happy with all we got done.
This is the first spring that my husband
has been retired so we are having
double the fun! Ha! 

Hope your week is going well.


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to
wish all you lovely Mom's a
day full of blessings
and joy.

I am happy that we are now
able to have 5 members of
our family in our home
at a time......10 if
it is outdoors but
it is a very cool windy
day here today so indoors 
it is in shifts of 5 at
a time.

I hope you enjoy a  sweet
afternoon tea today.
Don't you love those peonies
above.....they are called
Do Tell.

                                               Well,it is almost time for our
                                                         for our next batch of family
                                                          visitors to arrive so I will
                                                          see you later!

                                                                        Happy Mother's Day!


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

An English Tea

Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well.

It is a damp cold day here today
so I needed a cozy afternoon tea
in our library with my English


I love this little dog .

I always think of England when I
use this charming teapot that I
bought several years ago in
Nova Scotia.

   My tea tray is all set.

                                                    Some one(Judi) asked me for the name
                                                    of this teapot recently and I forgot
                                                    to reply so the markings on it are
                                                    the bottom photo ....Price Kensington
                                                     and the teacup is the top ,,,,royal Vale.

                                                     I have seen the cup and saucer around
                                                     occasionally but I have never seen the
                                                     teapot anywhere else.

I took this shot in Chipping Camden,England
on our last trip there so my English
teapot brings back good memories
as there were lots of similar
little thatched cottages .

I hope we have a return to warmer
weather soon but in the mean
time I can always enjoy
a good cup of tea..

Take good care,


Sunday, May 3, 2020

        Hello everyone,

        I hope you had a good weekend.

            We are happy to have our covid 19 
          restrictions relaxed a little bit here
           so we can have outdoor visits with
        up to five people while keeping
       six feet apart. So we had some
             family visits in person for the first
time in weeks. yea!!!
           The above bouquet was my first
                   garden of the season and I am happy
                to have some colorful blooms in the 
garden again.

                 We were able to do a lot of gardening
           this past week and it is a joy to be
          outdoors again with visions of all
the beauty to come.

Since I was working in the garden all
   work I didn't have time to take any new
photo so I hope you don't mind some

                                                  This is a shot in the Boathouse
                                                   when it was first built .

Some pretty cupcakes

                                                       A summer tea time on the porch.

Pretty linens

A summer tea

Love pink and aqua

                                                         Pretty china

                                                  Well, I hope to have more to
                                                  share with you soon as the Island
                                                  as well as our garden turns lush
                                                  and green once again.

                                                                  Please take good care,