Friday, January 3, 2020

Winter Skates & Happy New Year

                Happy New Year!

          I wish you all a joyful new 
             year filed with love, health 
    peace ,and  happiness !

It has been busy here so I haven't
had time for any new pics to share
so, my theme for today is some
of my skate pics from past years.

I bought these old men's skates
    at a yard sale about five years ago.

I painted these skates blue
and gave them a wash of
brown paint to antique them.
A scrap of fur glued on
was the final touch.

These old skates also had
a paint job but grey this
time. The plaid throw came
straight from Scotland
many years ago when my
husband's grandfather took
a trip back home to Aberdeen

                A snowy skate scene.

The old grey skates on the iron bed
in the boathouse.

On the porch of the boathouse.

Skates dress up a Christmas wreath
on the old storm door of the
Gardener's Cottage.

I have had these old skates
since my children were

It is another beautiful sunny day here
so we are off for a walk in the park.

Prayers to all those in Australia
 who are anywhere near the fires.

Thank you to all of you who have
visited me over the past year and
to all who have left kind words
of support.

Wishing you once again all the
best in 2020!



Vee said...

Love the skates! They do make interesting focal points. Happy New Year!

Thelma said...

Happy New Year Carolyn. Your photos are lovely. I love the old skates.

Thelma said...
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Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

Such lovely skate vignettes! I love how you paint and froufrou them up, so pretty!

Carogil Farm said...

This was a great post! I love seeing all of your photos both new and those from the past that you are sharing.

Mia Coman said...

Draga Carolyn,
Dragute si inspirate sunt aceste patine, pentru a infrumuseta sezonul de iarna.
Va doresc din suflet, un an plin de bucurii si realizari!
Calde imbratisari, Mia

Sandi said...

Love all your skates, where do you store all the beautiful things you blog with?

Carolyn said...

Hi Sandi,
We aren't short on storage space as we have a big attic and full basement plus our barn for storage, which is both good and bad as one day there will be a lot of downsizing going on!
Thanks for visiting!

Szara Sowa said...

Happy New Year 2020!

Rosa said...

Happy new year! Thank you for the beautiful photos.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Happy New Year Carolyn! I've loved your blog for the past few years! Love all of these photos of the different skates.. and how you've painted them and dressed them up. Love how you hung them from the lamppost! I so enjoy your photos and end up pinning many of them to my Pinterest boards for "cottage style" or "cottage decorating". Now I need to make a board for skates! Marilyn

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I have never tried skating in any form, just saying

Annabelle said...

Happy New Year, Carolyn. Love all the skates, especially the blue with the faux fur.

Linda Shukri said...

Love the photos!! Happy New Year!