Monday, July 29, 2019

Picnic by the Sea

Hello everyone,

We have been enjoying beautiful sunny days
here so it is perfect picnic weather and there
are so many beautiful places to go on the Island
with a picnic basket.

I used my enamelware for my picnic.

This is the Blockhouse lighthouse that you
can see in the background of my
summer picnic at Fort Amhearst.
It is strawberry season here so I am
enjoying strawberry shortcake.

I love watching the sailboats going by from the Charlottetown harbor
as we enjoy our picnic.

                                                            I hope you have time to enjoy a lovely summer picnic
                                                            soon. It hard to believe that July is almost over.

                                                             If you would like to see my first romantic picnic by
                                                             the sea you can see it here.

                                                                          Thank you for visiting ,



Linda Shukri said...

Love your picnic photos! I miss living on the island. Thanks for the beautiful photos! :-)

Dianna said...

Absolutely lovely. You're making me want to pull out my old favorite L.M. Montgomery books again! I have been following you on Pinterest for years and I am so happy to have happened upon your blog as well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life.

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

Quiet and delectable summer scenery !!!!

Kit said...

What a perfect setting! Just lovely. And now I am hungry for Kit

Betsy said...

Beautiful as always!

Denise Bruce of Ingleside said...

Hi Carolyn! I dont know if you remember me. I have been trying to find your gardens ever since I visited a few years ago and your blog popped up in my Facebook memories :) soooooooo i found you and will come visit again ❤❤❤

Dolores said...

I am new to your lovely blog. I do like the enamelware you shared in your photograph. I have always believed that a person should enjoy their day and to allow each season to inspire them. Having a picnic outside with tea sounds so peaceful to me. Dolores

Quiet and Sun by Alexa said...

What a lovely picnic you had. Beautiful scenario especially this lighthouse :)

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Garden Fancy said...

How utterly idyllic! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful scenes with us. Best, -Beth