Sunday, June 2, 2019

Bunkhouse Blues

     Hello everyone,

This past week the little back
room in the bunkhouse got a
bit of a makeover.
I don't think I have any photos
of the original look as it was
just used for storage...not
photo worthy.
Last year we cleaned it out
and put a small bed in it for
our grandchildren when they
come to visit.
They love to have their own
little hideout.

So, the wall were natural pine before
last week  so we gave them a wash of
white and the floor also got a coat of
paint (sand beige). I made  the
pillows with a beachy theme from
a pair of old curtains from the thrift

We put this window in last year
and if you guessed it was a french
door on it's side you are correct.
I put lots of pillows on so it can
be used as a daybed too.
I like the blue and white theme....
it has a breezy summer look now.

The front room of the bunkhouse also
got the same paint treatment but needs
a few extra touches before it is done.
Now, whenever school is over and the
weather warms up a bit more we are
ready for a sleepover party.

The back of the bunkhouse after
    we put in the window and shingled
            it and gave the door a new coat of paint.

Thank you for stopping by and
I hope you have a good week!



Andi's English Attic said...

Everything looks so clean and bright. Especially want to know how you get thrift store fabric looking so crisp and new. Do you have a special trick? xx

MrsSW said...

What a sweet cottage. Very clever using a french door on its side for a window - so much light!


Carolyn said...

Thank you Andi! I don't have any special tricks, I just wash and dry it and it is good to go.

Thank you for visiting,


Sandi from the Cape said...

Very sweet! I love the French door window! How cleaver!

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn!
Love the new blue hue on the door! So refreshing and lovely.
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

jennifermj said...

What wonderful memories in the making for your grandchildren and family. What a treasured retreat.

Erin said...

I absolutely love it. Especially that door on its side as a window. I am going to remember that!!

CHERI said...

Such a charming little place. The blue makes it looks so cool, calm, and peaceful:)

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh I just love the look from the outside, with the cedar shingles and that beautiful aqua blue door! Just darling.. and blues and whites are just perfect for that beachy feel and look. I bet the grands just love their little hideout/retreat. I still remember a place we went when I was a child, to the Oregon coast and stayed in a "cabin" with blue and white decor. I always loved it then and I have such good memories of the upstairs loft where we slept.. all blue and white and cozy! Your little bunkhouse is so sweet! Hugs.. Marilyn

Biene said...

I love this little house!!!

Hugs, Biene