Friday, January 4, 2019

Romantic Garden Favorites

                                                                             Hello everyone,

                                                     It may be snowing here now but I have been
                                                     enjoying a little bit of summer as I scrolled through
                                                     my many photos of the garden looking for some of
                                                     my favorites once again.
                                                        I love the romantic look of the shot above with
                                                     the lilacs in bloom and the old wooden wheelbarrow
                                                     in the photo above.

Lots of color in our summer garden

It is always so beautiful on a misty morning
in the garden.
Garden structures like this arbor and fence add
so much charm to the garden all year.

Can you imagine whiling away a lazy summer
day in our garden hammock?

I seem to always be drawn to lilacs.

Peonies in the garden add fragrance and beauty
not to mention beautiful bouquets.

Our garden gazebo

Clematis and delphiniums are also favorites
and I add new ones every year.
                                                            I took this shot several years ago but
                                                            it is still a favorite.

Our little secret garden.
Our garden in July is always
full of color.

Little hidden nooks and grannies
bring a little surprise as you

Of course every romantic garden has
to have roses...don't you think?
                                           In a few months I will be looking forward
                                                      to the return of the garden but in the meantime
                                                      I am enjoying the beauty of our winter garden.

                                                                                 Thank you for visiting,



Vigdis i Romerikshaven said...

I enjoyed walking with you!

Merry Patch said...

What a lovely garden! Right now it's snowing here...and I can't wait for spring to show up! Thank you for sending us some sunshine today!!