Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Miniature Sparkle

     Hello everyone,

  I am back again with some
miniature sparkly house that
I couldn't resist.even though
I keep telling myself not to
buy more Christmas stuff!

I bought these when we went
to Nova Scotia a week or two
ago at Wheaton's and Pier 1
They are so cute and light up
with just a flick of a switch.

It is a bright sunny day here today...
perfect for a walk in the sunshine.

We enjoyed the Open House last 
night at Fanningbank....beautiful
as always!

Thank you for your visit,



Vee said...

Have yet to purchase any sparkly houses, but I am most tempted. They completely charm me.

My Cozy Corner said...

Love the sweet little houses. Thank you for sharing your home.

Anonymous said...

Oh...well...I *do* see why you had to buy that little blue house! :-) It is darling. So are the others. Honestly, when I saw the beginning words of your post over in my blogroll, "that I couldn't resist, even though I keep telling myself not to buy more Christmas stuff," I hardened my heart to resist, telling myself, "I will not be influenced. This Christmas is NOT going to be about stuff." Then I came here, saw that little blue house, and completely understood. Grin. :-)