Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Reflections on Mahone Bay

                                                                          Hello everyone,

                                                             I hope your week is going well.
                                                             My husband and I just got back
                                                             from a little holiday in Nova Scotia.
                                                             We spent a few days in Mahone Bay
                                                             and enjoyed their Father Christmas
                                                             Festival . Mahone Bay is a beautiful
                                                             friendly little town on the south shore
                                                             of Nova Scotia and only a 4 1/2 drive
                                                             from our home.
                                                             It was fun to meet up with our friends
                                                             from NFLD there and enjoy cosy evening
                                                             visits by the fire in our charming Creative
                                                             Retreat found here on airbnb.

                                                                These three churches on the bay are
                                                                so beautiful. I especially love the
                                                                reflection in the bay and I was delighted
                                                                to have a dusting of snow for our last
                                                                morning there.

                                                                Across the bay from the shops and

                                                                       I have always loved this shingled cottage/home
                                                                       and look how pretty it is reflected in the water
                                                                       with a fresh dusting of snow.

                                                                        There was lone sailboat out
                                                                        in the bay.
                                                               Driving around the bay you come to
                                                               Mader's Cove with beautiful views
                                                               of the bay.

                                                             Everywhere we looked there was
                                                              breathtaking beauty.

                                                     I have more photos to share and the
                                                                good news is it is not too late to take
                                                                in the Father Christmas Festival as it
                                                                is on again this weekend.There are lots
                                                                of activities,bake sales,house tours etc.
                                                                   I hope you enjoyed some reflections on
                                                                 the beautiful Mahone Bay.

                                                                                       Thanks for visiting,



The Victorian Girl said...

We visited there years ago in the summer. It is fun to see it with all the beautiful snow!

Linda said...

Good Morning, Carolyn!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your gorgeous photos! And, of course, LOVED spending time with you & Andrew.
Wasn't it all sooo festive & pretty, especially with a sifting of snow & dappled sun peeking throughout the snowy tree branches everywhere! Midge & I are so glad to have had this time of cherished memories &, after days of sightseeing & experiencing holiday home tours, & gourmet & craft sales & a little shopping, leisurely hours to enJOY warm, cozy evening chats by the fire. HUGS & HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Talk soon! XOXO SENDING MUCH LOVE,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Fiordelisa said...

So absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Am I ready for winter scenes I ask myself, who normally loves winter, but is clinging to the sun this autumn? Ready or not, here they come, and the beauty is undeniable. Thank you for sharing your relaxing get-away with us. Blessings...

Nonni said...

Hi, Carolyn,
I've been following you for several years-from Florida. I used to be suffering from PTSD. We raised our youngest grandson who is on the autism spectrum and home-schooled him. I would stay up until 1-3am trying to de-stress on my computer. That's how I found the world of Bloggers. I began a favorites list and your Blog really helped me go away for awhile destress and visit for tea, receipes and decorating. To be honest, my eyes glaze over on the garden posts but I know they are a large part of your life. They are spectacular-gardens! By the way, our grandson is 16 now and an absolute darling. No more PTSD - he and I moved on together with some clinical help. Today, just wanted to say the pictures are awesome...you have a real eye for it which is a gift. Any tea shop pics (...just wondered)? Bye for now. Love your Blog and the new cottage.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh such a pretty place. Those 3 churches reflected in the water are Christmas card perfect! What a wonderful card they would make!.... with glitter sprinkled here and there on the snow. What a neat place to spend some time and relax.. perfect time of the year. Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo Marilyn

Unknown said...

Is your book still available to buy?

Carolyn said...

Yes, my books are still available on Magcloud. You can click on the link on the right side of my blog and it will take you there.
Thanks for your interest!