Monday, November 19, 2018

A Wintry Day Tea

Hello everyone,

With the snowy weather we have had here
lately it is easy to turn my thoughts toward
So my tea time today is in our little
sun room where I can enjoy
the snowy scene outdoors.

I am enjoying Holiday Chai tea
today with my oatmeal scone an
a healthy apple.
The cute mitten cookies are
way to pretty to eat though.

                                                               Are you getting into the holiday
                                                               mood yet?

                      A wintry shot of the garden outside the
              sun room window.
                        I am not sure if this snow is going to stay
                                   as it is early for us and we still had some outdoor
                           chores to do but they will have to wait until
               spring if it does.

                                                                Thank you stopping by and enjoying
                                                                a wintry tea with me.



Bernideen said...

The photos are all so soft and beautiful! Lovely!

Betty said...

You always manage to bring cheer with your lovely photos, even on a cold day like that.
Hope the snow clears before setting in permanently for the winter.

Terry L. said...

We are just now getting some nice fall weather here on the Delmarva Peninsula. Very wet this year. Your tea and condiments are so inviting! The scene there is a true winter wonderland! Enjoy all that nature has to offer😊

Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

Wow, you have a lot of snow! I can definitely see why you would be in the Christmas mood, as well I would be too. Your sunroom is lovely... what a wonderful day to enjoy it.