Wednesday, October 3, 2018

An Autumn Tea

Hello everyone,

With the arrival of  October , I am
finally getting in the mood for
some warm and cosy autumn .

I have a small collection of this
china that reminded me of Holland
but it is actually made in Japan.
It has a cosy fall look to it that
I love.

Pears are a healthy snack with
my tea today.

While driving down a street in town these
pretty doors caught my eye with all
the planters clustered on the porch.
I love those corbels and trim.

The fall asters are blooming in
our garden now. These grow to
over 3 ft. tall.

                                                              The sweet autumn clematis is one
                                                               of my favorite autumn blooming
                                                               plants. It gets cut back every year
                                                               to the bottom and springs back up
                                                               again to put on a great autumn show.
                                                               It is perfect for arbors.
                                                                               Thank you for visiting,



Bernideen said...

What a lovely teatime. The dishes are ever so sweet. I have some things from Japan too which I love. I can see they honor your Mom. I love the photo of the doors that are so wonderful. A skinny person can just use one side and someone with abundance can use both!

My Cozy Corner said...

Thank you so much for posting this beautiful autumn tea. I love fall, and we are having some beautiful weather in Northern California after a summer filled with smoke and ash from the terrible fires we have experienced. You add joy to my day with your photos and stories.

Jean | said...

Carolyn, thank you for the photo tour. Your autumn tea looks so inviting. I would much prefer one of those beautiful pears over a sugary treat.

hyacinthb said...

What a beautiful tea set, and I love your clematis and purple asters. We are unseasonably in the high 80s still here in Georgia, so although one sees mums, pumpkins and such, it still feels like mid summer. Am so ready for autumn!

Judy said...

beautiful...I had saved all yours pictures from Pinterest...Now when I see a pictures of you somewhere else I say I know this lady.....Thank you