Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cottage Kitchen Makeover

                                                                             Hello everyone,

                                                   I know I am late sharing our cottage kitchen makeover
                                                   but better late then never....I hope!

                                                     I love this big window that we put in this spring
                                                   as it lets in so much more light and gives a nice view of
                                                   the garden and hills beyond.

                                                           The cast iron sink was one I found on Kijiji, the cupboard
                                                     with the glass doors came from the Restore and got a couple
                                                   of coats of white paint.The cupboard below it was a gift from
                                                   a friend of my daughters.We realigned the cupboards and added
                                                   the new countertop.We painted everthing in the whole cottage
                                                   white as you can see from the photo below there was a lot of
                                                   brown before.

                                                         I made the curtains from a bedsheet. As you probably have
                                                     noticed our theme is blue and white so the cupboard here holds
                                                    my pretty blue and white china.

This is the before photo of our
little summer cottage .
                                                   We put in this island that was also a gift
                                                   from my daughters friend complete with
                                                   a Jenn Air propane stovetop.
                                                          The stools came from the 70 mile
                                                   coastal yard sale a couple of years ago and I
                                                  painted them a grey blue as well as the island.
                                                     We also installed the greyish hardwood click
                                                   floor which made a huge difference as you can see
                                                   from above it only had a subfloor.
                                                           We have a very open floor plan so
                                                            this little shelf from the thrift
                                                           store holds more of my china.
                                                    We just built this cupboard a couple
                                                     of weeks ago using an old french door
                                                     from a yard sale and of course everything
                                                     got a fresh coat of white paint.
                                             Looking toward the kitchen cupboard
                                                        I put the handmade lighthouse cross stitch
                                                        pictures on the side of our new cupboard with
                                                       the french door. I was excited to find those at
                                                       a local thrift shop as well.
                                                            Just realized I should have shared the pantry
                                                        cupboards on the other side of the kitchen so
                                                        I will do that another day.
                                                            I love that our little cottage has lots of storage
                                                        space and lots of work surface too.

Relax and enjoy yourself !

We are still having fun putting our mark
on our little seaside cottage but our
work comes in little waves as we want
to enjoy some relaxation too!
I must admit I will be a little sad when
we have to close up our cottage for the winter
with just an occasional visit to check on
things and enjoy a thermos of tea.

Thanks for visiting!



Sweet P said...

Paint changes everything and has made this cottage PERFECTION!

The Victorian Girl said...

Your little seaside cottage is beautiful!

Deanna said...

Dear Carolyn, You have a sweet and lovely Kitchen to enjoy when there. Thank you for sharing with us. Enjoyed seeing this!
I am not ready for wintery weather and she is headed my way.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Very nicely done! What a difference, and so pretty!!

CHERI said...

Oh, Carolyn, I just love everything you've done. SO much cuter, lighter, and airier! And sooooo beachy! I hope you enjoy every minute there, and I am sure you will.

Unknown said...

Everything is perfect and so inspiring.. You live thousands of miles away but our tastes are nearly identical, as are our hobbies. So happy for you and your accomplishments. I read that your garden is closed to the public but that one day a year you open it to visitors. I am planning a trip with my friends next summer to Prince Edward Island and needing to pin down the date ASAP, but I would like to plan it around your "open garden day". If you have chosen a day for that event I would so appreciate you sharing it with me.

Thank you so much! -Dani-