Monday, January 22, 2018

An Island Winter Drive

                                                                                    Hello everyone,

                                                                         I hope you had a great weekend.
                                                                         It is pretty here on the Island now
                                                                         with some fresh snow and some
                                                                         sunny breaks so we decided to
                                                                         check out the North Shore.

    Covehead Harbour Lighthouse looks
pretty with the snow.

Taken from a different perpective

                                                        I confess I had no desire to go for a
                                                        dip but in summer it is a beautiful
                                                        place to enjoy a swim.
                                                                        This red fox had no trouble
                                                                         posing for me.

Cows enjoying a winter day.
I always love this farm in winter
or summer.

                 Dalvey by the Sea is only open for guests in
                    summer but it is beautiful in the winter as well.
            Some of you probably remember this hotel
      from the movie Anne of Green Gables.

          Hope you enjoyed a short winter drive
with me.

Take care,


Szara Sowa said...

Hallo Carolyn! Beautiful winter photographs. How wonderfully the coast looks in the snow. I am greeting warmly. Teresa.

Sandi said...

What a stunning lighthouse!

My Cozy Corner said...

Thanks, Carolyn for the beautiful photographs. I love the lighthouse, and the hotel is fabulous. I've wanted to visit your island for many years. I hope one day to take a cruise and stop and visit Anne of Green Gables. Thank you for posting today.

The Victorian Girl said...

I love the lighthouse and white with red trimmed barn in the snow! We stayed at Dalvey by the Sea one summer and it was wonderful---especially the Sticky Date Pudding!

Daška said...

Dobrý den Carolyn.Hledala jsem na kde je ostrov prince Edwarda a je to krásné místo. Fotky majáku a zimní krajiny jsou hezké a taky modelka liška stála a nechala se vyfotit.Úžasné..
Zdravím z České republiky

Hello Carolyn. I was looking at where Prince Edward Island is a beautiful place. The photos of the lighthouse and the winter landscape are pretty, and the model of the fox stood and took a picture ..
Greetings from the Czech republic

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Stunning photos Carolyn! I especially love the red and white lighthouse.. and the red and white barn! Here in Oregon, we rarely see snow on the coast.. once every few years and it's is so magical. Thank you for sharing these wonders with us! Marilyn

Natureluvr57 said...

Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing

Clara said...

Stunning pictures!!! You live in a lovely place!

Cindy Lou said...


debbie said...

Thank you for posting these lovely pictures! I can not get over the red and white barn! Greetings from S.C.

Cindy said...

SO beautiful Carolyn, thank you!

One Shabby Old House said...

I could get lost on your beautiful island and never wish to be found!