Monday, December 4, 2017

Warm & Cozy Fireside Tea

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                            I hope you had a great weekend. We
                                                            enjoyed a lovely family evening at
                                                            our daughters On Saturday. She has
                                                            her home all decorated for Christmas....
                                                            maybe,I can take some photos of it
                                                            some day soon to share.
                                                                    However, back here at home we
                                                             have changed our family room somewhat
                                                             as our old fireplace broke down and could
                                                             not be fixed so we bought a new propane
                                                             stove to keep us warm. We went with a more
                                                             rustic look in here this time as my husband put
                                                             cedar plank boards on the wall behind it after
                                                             removing the old wall behind the fireplace.
                                                                 It is still a work in progress as he is adding
                                                             a mantle soon and some trim but I am loving
                                                             the cozy look as well as the warmth.

                                                                    I am enjoying my tea by the fireside

I am still waiting for some snow here
but the weather remains above seasonal.

We cut our own spruce tree for
the family room this year and
I think it's imperfections lend
rustic country charm.

Not sure if you noticed the old
antique frame $5 from the Restore
with the antique skates inside.

                                                                     It was overcast when I took
                                                                     these shots so my light isn't great.
                                                                     When we get a sunny day I will
                                                                      do the whole room.
                                             I am putting up one more tree in our kitchen
                                                        today and then I just have some fluffing to do.
                                                        After, I bake some cookies I should be ready for
                                                        the Christmas House Tour on Saturday finally!
                                                            I am sure there are still tickets available if you
                                                         check at Fitzroy Centre in Charlottetown.

                                                               Last evening we enjoyed the Advent service in a charming
                                                            little country church and this evening we are going to the
                                                            annual Christmas Open House at Fanningbank .
                                                                I love taking in as many Chritmas events as we can but
                                                            not so many that we don't have time to enjoy relaxing
                                                            by the fireside!

                                                                                              Thank you for visiting,


Billie said...

Your photos are lovely, no need to retake. They are warm, cozy and realistic. I enjoy your blog very much. Have a great day!

aldia arcadia said...


podso said...

I like the change a lot. The new stove is beautiful! ENjoy the holidays!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a cozy fireside tea, Carolyn! I love your beautiful winter white teacup! Your new stove is lovely and if we were planning on staying here awhile, we would invest in a propane stove as well. Nothing cozier than a fire in the wintertime. Enjoy the Christmas Tour on the weekend...Blessings...Sandi

Sandra said...

Lindas imagens de uma casa com conforto. cumprimentos.

Kit said...

Everything looks lovely! We have a stove similar to yours and we love it. Enjoy! :) Kit

Linda said...

Cozy! Cozy! Cozy!
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

historybuff said...

I love your blog

an angel at my table said...

Thanks Carolyn for your kind word on my blog! Your new fireplace looks so lovely! I would love to have a working fireplace!! Season greetings to you

Susan said...

Everything does, indeed, look very warm and cozy. Susan

Anne said...

I follow your pinterest page for some years now, and only just now found this blog. It is so nice to know a little bit more about my favourite pinterester! Love your pictures.