Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas in our Library

                                                                        Hello everyone,

                                                         On these short days I am enjoying
                                                         the coziness of all the Christmas
                                                         lights. There is something nice about
                                                         being at snug at home on these long
                                                                     There isn't a lot different
                                                                     in this room since last year.
Snuggle in and enjoy a cup
of tea....maybe read for

                                                                    The tea is ready.
                                           My Christmas decorating is pretty much
                                                      done so I will enjoy doing some baking for the
                                                      season next. So, what about you are you all
                                                      ready to enjoy the season?
                                                                           Thank you for stopping by!



Carol said...


Bernideen said...

Looks very cozy!!!

Deanna said...

Lovely room to sit and sip. You have made it very inviting. We are just now getting our Christmas decorating started. Slow. All the best to you as you bake. It's cold here in my corner of the world. Brrrrr. Snow is on back order. Ha.

Melindassewingcorner said...

Absolutely beautiful! :) Greetings from Hungary!

Blue Southern Girl said...

Such a wonderful home atmosphere! I don't know how you have the energy to do so much.
J. Grisham

ann said...

I always visit you, Carolyn to see how you have decorated to get inspired. I have not done much yet. Two poinsettia and the Christmas containers hauled out from under the stairs. Your library tree is beautiful. Enjoy the season.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Beautiful pictures of the beautiful rooms

Billie said...

Your home looks so comfortable. I want to hop into your pictures and settle down with tea in front of the fire! Exquisite.

Veronika Zhdanova said...

So cosy! Warm!Homely!Thanks!

Louca por porcelana said...

Wonderful...As ever!Merry Christmas!

Kit said...

That is one beautiful room! A perfect place to spend the holiday. Enjoy! :) Kit

Betty said...

A charming scene. All looks comfortable and cosy. I wouldn't mind joining you for a cup of tea - milk, no sugar thank you :)
My grandchildren have helped me decorate a little Christmas tree which I stand on a side table. I've started some baking - some fruit and nut loaves, which I freeze. My family love these.
Thank you for this lovely image of Christmas in a cold season. It could well reach over 30C on Christmas day. Top of 37C predicted for tomorrow!
Enjoy your Christmas baking.

Annabelle said...

So beautiful!

Merry Christmas