Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dahlia Bouquets from the Garden


    I hope your week is going well.

We have had a touch of frost here
so I know that summer is over for
another year.
I don't grow a lot of dahlias here
in our garden because they are rather
labor intensive and have to be dug in
the fall and stored in the basement for
However, I do love having them for 
bouquets so I do plant a few.

Nice to have a small bouquet of them
on my writing desk. 

                                                                    I like how these two dahlias
                                                                     look together.
                                                                         Snippets for my windowsill.

                                                                     A pretty bouquet from our
                                                                     cottage garden.
                                                                           Tea Time
                                                       Bouquets big or small  make me happy!

                                                       We were laying a new floor at our cottage
                                                        today and I am very happy with it ~ more
                                                        on that later though.

                                                                           Thank you for visiting me!



Sandi O'Connor said...

Hi Carolyn, I haven't received your blog in my email in quite some time now. Do I need to request or reinstate? I've missed your lovely blogs and beautiful pictures. Also I can't wait to go to the 70 mile yard sale again in the future like we did two years ago. It's a big trip for us living on Cape Cod, but so much fun and I love your finds!

Michele said...

Oh my, how truly lovely - your teacup and pink dahlias look perfect together.

I don't see where your images can be pinned anymore. I would've for sure pinned one today - so so pretty.

Congrats on new floor in the cottage- can't wait to see it! Nice to be back in blogdom, sure have missed it. Sorry I have been so absent. Hugs.

The shadow said...

I really love all your pictures and sentence you write. its really give me anice sense and good impression to be positive, active in my day. Im so happy because of you. Special thanks to you🌷,from all of my ♥ heart.

Carolyn said...

Hi Sandi,
Sorry you haven't been receiving my posts in your inbox....not sure why this happens but if you send me a request hopefully we can have that corrected.
The 70 mile coastal yard sale is so much fun!

Hi Michele,
Sorry that you are unable to pin my pics,
I do have a pin it button on them that shows up
on my end that works. Wondering if I need to change
something on my end....love when you pin my pics!

Thanks everyone for your visits!

Louca por porcelana said...

What a lovely post!Love the pinks!

Wanda Adamczyk said...

Piękne kolory- jesienne dekoracje zachwycają - pozdrawiam serdecznie