Friday, October 27, 2017

Blue & White Tea Time


                                                  We are having an amazing fall here and I
                                                  was going to post some lovely Autumn scenes
                                                  but strayed off course to share my tea time
                                                  at our little cottage instead.
Some of you might remember my
enamalware tea set from the 70
mile coastal yard sale this year.
The mugs were a thrift shop
find recently.

                                                                   Care for a blueberry muffin?

                                                                   We got our new floor laid a couple
                                                                   of weeks ago and it made a big improvement
                                                                   at Ocean Song. It is hardwood click floor
                                                                   in shades of grey. Our bathroom is almost
                                                                   done now as well ~ I will share that later.
                                                                   I know.....everyone one else moved on to
                                                                   Christmas(the stores are well stocked) and
                                                                   it looks like I am stuck in summer! Oh well,
                                                                   I will get there eventually!
                                                              Do you love this mirror as much as me?

                                                              This one came from Marshal's but they
                                                              have had it at Homesense here as well...
                                                              but they do go fast!

                                              Hope you can sit and relax for a spell and
                                                         enjoy the view and the sunshine!
     Thank you for stopping by and
have a lovely day!



Thelma said...

What a lovely cottage. So relaxing and peaceful. I love you enamelware.
We've had a beautiful Fall here in the Gaspe also.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Your blues are wonderful! It does look summery. But can you ever have enough beach time? It will all turn soon enough. Lovely shots as always. J.

The Victorian Girl said...

Love that blue & white ALWAYS!!!!!

Maristela Guilherme said...

Louça linda.
Tudo lindo.

Różana Pracownia Wandy said...

Ładnie wygląda pokuj z niebieskimi dodatkami- ten kolor powoduje, że czujemy się spokojnie i komfortowo - pozdrawiam serdecznie

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh what a perfect nautical cottage tea time, Carolyn!

And being an "island gal" it hones into my heart perfectly anytime!

How I'd love to stay a week in that cottage of yours. Amazing and straight out of a dream. It's gorgeous.

Kit said...

I love your scenes, no matter what the season! So lovely and I adore your enamelware. I am glad you are enjoying such lovely weather in your part of the world. :) Kit

tülin said...

So beautiful.

Cindy Lou said...

Love your posts ! Your environment s so beautiful and serene !!! said...

You have so many beautiful things, indoor & out. I can only wonder @ all of them. You must have INCREDIBLE storage facilities! How do you do it?

Ashley said...

I love those blue and white jars. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!